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12 Jun

I know this might sound obvious but I have muscles! Now this is not a recent revelation – I do know that the human body is comprised of approximately 650 or more muscles (depending what source you reference!) that do all manner of things to enable us to function. However, the reason I know I have muscles is that they are sore! Yes, I have delayed onset muscle soreness. Finally! As of this week I have been able to incorporate leg exercises into my weights regime, and even though I am using itty bitty weights, my muscles are feeling the effects. And I have also increased the weight for my upper body exercises.

Today it’s been an interesting exercise getting up and down from a seated position!

However, DOMS did not stop me from going for my early morning 6km walk today. And having gone to bed early last night (lights out at 10pm), I was…almost…bright as a button this morning at 5.30am! Amazing what 7 hours of sleep can do. This morning it wasn’t as cold as it has been on previous mornings, though I was still dressed for sub zero temperatures. The entire walk was done under the cover of darkness, I walk under the street lights so I can see where I’m going and I’m less likely to fall down a pot hole. There was not another soul out walking this morning. Then once I was home I did a mini circuit of squats, lunges, one-leg bridges, 2-leg bridges on a chair, and push ups, which was interesting given my DOMS.

And how could I forget – today is weigh in day. My loss this week was a grand total of…wait for it…drum roll…ahem…100g! Well at least its 100g in the right direction…down!

Enjoyed a coffee at lunchtime with Mr B. Well I had the coffee, he had a GF chocolate cookie which looked really delicious and oh so tempting. I was debating whether just to have a teensy piece but then I thought if I gave in this time it will make it easier to give in again…and again…and again. So no chocolate cookie for me. :)

Dinner tonight was meant to be Asian Chicken Patties with Warm Noodle Salad but it morphed into Asian chicken stirfry! I buy chicken breasts and mince them myself rather than buy chicken mince which can be quite fatty. Tonight, though, I really couldn’t be bothered mincing the breast and making patties. So instead I used diced chicken breast and all other ingredients in the recipe for the stirfry. Pretty simple but delicious.

Anyway I must take these sore muscles off to bed. Hopefully they will feel better tomorrow because, guess what?! I return to the gym to do it all again! :)


Playing the weighting game

22 May

Today it was the weekly weigh in. I wasn’t expecting great things given that my exercise last week lasted all of two days before I injured my hammy. However I had stuck to the nutrition plan like super glue – there were no little sneaky snacks.

So it was that this morning the scales said it all: a 100g gain! Ok so no big drama – 100g is just a blip on the scales but jeez, given my puritanical restraint on the food front (in fact I should be up for sainthood, thats how good I’ve been) I would’ve hoped for a little more encouragement ie a liitle more downwards movement in the number. It goes to show that while 80% of weight loss may down to what you put in your mouth, there is still a place for exercise in the equation. Yep, that bloody 20%! And my cardio component is sadly lacking currently.

But…I’m trying very, very hard not to get frustrated.

I had my physio appointment yesterday. Some very slight improvement in extension without pain. To my repertoire of exercises I can now add bridging. Woohoo! More ultrasound therapy applied and then re-taping of the hammy. I have a bright pink racing strip down the back of my leg :) Next appointment is in a week’s time. Cardio can include gentle walking on the flat and swimming with pull buoy.

Post-physio appointment ie last night and today, my hammy has been giving me grief :(

And so I was back in the pool this morning, during peak hour. There were at least 5 swimmers in my line but we managed to co-habit the lane without any lane rage. I do think I swam better today even though I am experiencing some DOMS. There was no sooky la-la behaviour, just a JFDI attitude.

And when I got home it was “get down and do 25 push ups stat!”

Well, actually it was one set of 15, have a little rest and then do another 10! And do 3 sets of 12 reps of 2 ab exercises, and 3 sets of 30 secs of the plank exercise.

Loved my dinner tonight: spiced lamb meatballs with tabouli (made with quinoa). And I have it for lunch tomorrow as well.

And managed 25 push-ups with no rest tonight. :) Only 150 to go.

Tonight’s dinner

Weighing up my options

21 May

Week #2, day #2.

That must mean its weights day in the gym. I’m feeling the effects of yesterday’s 50 push ups and the swim-with-pull-buoy session and now I’m going to add to it with an upper body weights session. I have this vision of morphing into the Incredible Hulk in the upper body with puny legs!

Discovered, when I got to the gym, that I was wearing the heart rate monitor strap for the wrong watch. Fail! I found myself automatically heading to the cross trainer for my warm up before stopping myself. Uh huh, no can do. So it was a 5 min gentle walk on the treadmill followed by 5 min on the upper body ergometer aka the arm crank machine. This is a very deceptive machine. It looks easy. You stand and pedal with your arms, end of story. Resistance can be varied. I thought the treadmill was boring – this machine tops that. Five minutes on this machine feels like an eternity and its hard work. Yes, I admit, I turned the resistance down…and down…and down. Five minutes is my limit – both in endurance and boredom tolerance level.

Much as I wanted to use the leg press, or do squats and lunges I stayed well away from this part of the gym. Instead what followed was a circuit of lat pulldown, cable rows, chest press, shoulder press, barbell curls and tricep dips. And another 25 pushups – in public this time. It didn’t help my technique any but I was conscious of not face planting, as my arms were feeling very jelly-like by now. (another 25 push ups done after work). Only 200 push ups to go!

It will be interesting to see whether I can even move my upper body tomorrow, let alone swim! :)


Legs like lead

8 May

12.03pm: slow run along cycle path through Turner and Lyneham
Distance: 8.9km
Time: 50.36min
Pace: 5.41min/km
Cals: 518
Weather: 19.1*c, wind – NNW, 9kph; sunny day, blue skies

I definitely did not have legs of steel today, it was more like legs of lead. After last night’s 800m efforts at Dickson oval my legs were complaining about moving any faster than walking pace today. Well, initially anyway. However, I gradually settled into a reasonably comfortable pace and just enjoyed being out in the fresh air. It was a gorgeous sunny autumn day in the nation’s capital. It’s a shame that I spend most of it indoors.

Today’s run took in a loop that started on Barry Drive, headed along the cycle path through Turner, crossing Macarthur Avenue, going past the ponds that were constructed from an existing stormwater drain, then along Wattle St, then turning off just before Lyneham shops (stopping for a coffee a Tilley’s was a tempting thought!), heading along Brigalow St, then back along the cycle path past Brindabella Christian College and Lyneham High ovals, past the ponds again, across Macarthur Ave, past Turner Primary, through Haigh Park, and back to work.

And since the run I have been hungry…despite having lunch…and afternoon tea…

And yes, I succumbed and had a packet of chips. :)

Good morning!

Recovery run

1 May
How I'm feeling today!

How I’m feeling today!

12.05pm:easy recovery run along cycle path to Lyneham and return
Distance: 8.6km
Time: 49.44min
Pace: 5.46min/km
Cals: 508
Weather: 19.4*c, wind – W, 17kph; overcast and windy

It was a slow run at lunchtime. I really just wanted to turn my legs over and get rid of the heaviness from last night’s hard efforts at Dickson oval. The wind was certainly not in my favour today either – I was feeling it in both directions, but especially on the way out to Lyneham.

Tomorrow I plan on having a rest day from running. There’s brekkie in the morning with Ruth and the lovely Liz and then I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate a very special occasion :)

Post-marathon recovery

22 Apr

It’s been 8 days since I ran the marathon – 7 days of which I did no running at all. I did manage three walks last week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I had planned on running yesterday but some niggly back pain put paid to that. I felt it was safer to wait another day before going for my first post-marathon run.

So that was why I was out running 10km at 6am this morning in light misty rain. It was a good run – there were no problems to report and my back remained grumble-free which was a relief. So I guess this means I am now back in training for the half marathon next month. :)

So what else has been happening in the past week? And how was my recovery following the marathon?

Monday – A day off. I was feeling a little tired and had some minor muscle soreness but otherwise I was feeling okay. I thought I might be experiencing DOMS by now but figured that Tuesday was when it would hit me.

Tuesday – still no DOMS, and in fact the muscle soreness that I had the day before had disappeared. Went to the new Palace Cinema at Nishi Apartments after work to see Song for Marion, along with a work colleague, Ruth and Mr B – it was a great movie. And the popcorn is delicious – they use olive oil which means it’s not so heavy and greasy like normal cinema popcorn, which normally I won’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Wednesday – wow, the tiredness hit me like a Mack truck today. I hit the 3pm slump at lunchtime – never a good sign. So it was an early night for me. I also went for a 40 minute walk at lunchtime – initially hoping it would wake me up but it seemed to add to my weariness later in the day.

Thursday – I managed a 50 min walk at lunchtime. I was feeling much better today and there was no more tiredness. I also signed up for my next challenge – the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT challenge which officially kicks off on 13 May. :)

Friday – another 40 min lunchtime walk today.

Saturday – I was a volunteer marshall at the Gindy Parkrun so it meant I was standing out in the cold wind early this morning. Still it was worth it to see the effort everyone put into their 5km run. I enjoyed providing encouragement and seeing the smiles (sometimes strained) in return. Ruth was also a marshall, just down the path a bit from me. This was followed by coffee at Birrigai Café. And a bit later a well-earned massage – it was so good. My massage therapist said I had come through the marathon with flying colours – the best shape I’ve been in for a very long time. Go figure!

Sunday – I had planned on going for a run but was experiencing some back niggles (proof that housework is not good for you – I’m blaming it on cleaning the bathroom!) so decided another day of no running wouldn’t hurt.

And so to today……

5.59am session: easy run
Distance: 10.3km
Time: 1hr 26sec
Pace: 5.49min/km
Cals: 604
Weather: 8.2*c, wind – N, 9kph; patchy light rain

20130422-205953.jpgphoto taken at the 40km mark of the marathon
– feeling good! (Photo credit: Ewen T)

Backing up is hard to do

19 Feb

Today’s session: Summer Series Barrenjoey Dve 5km

Time/weather: 6.15pm / windy, warm, cloudy, high 20’s
Distance: 5km event (approx 5km warm up/2km cool down – 12km)
Time taken: 26.02min
Av pace: slow warm up, slow 5km run, even slower cool down (that’s about as specific as I can get because someone forgot to turn off their Garmin last night)

I was able to leave work earlier than normal this afternoon (health & safety issues regarding no running water or air conditioning in the building since lunchtime) so I was able to get to the event location with plenty of time to do a 30minute warm up.

My legs felt heavy and I felt sluggish after last night’s session at PH. Gradually I did improve but for today’s 5km event I was not going produce an outstanding time. And come the start of the run, everyone, and I mean everyone, took off down the track leaving me in their dust. Not to worry – this was a training run after all. It was also a case of watching my footing at certain points on the run as there was the potential for so many CJs – mainly because of exposed tree roots. And then there was the windy hill which we had to do twice (I think).

The finish line popped up sooner than I had expected as I had thought I’d have to face windy hill again but it was not the case. Susan flew past me near the finish line but I had nothing more to give. Running hard two days in a row is not so something I’m used to and I was feeling it today.

“The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are.” – Michael J. Fox


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