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In a holding pattern

26 Sep

Right now I really do feel like I’m in a holding pattern…waiting…waiting…waiting. Seeing if anything can be done for my injury before I leave.

This morning was spent making an appointment for an MRI plus arthrogram. This involved time spent on hold, faxing referrals, more time on hold, and then calling the doctor’s surgery to notify them of the appointment date.

Suddenly everything seems so last minute which is unnerving me no end.

The MRI is now booked for Friday 11 October – 19 days out from departure. Talk about cutting things fine. Just add it to my ever-growing list of things to do before I go.

Which is probably why I’ve been awake since 3am this morning – my brain won’t switch off. Yes, I do have a list, several in fact. At the moment I am the queen of lists. But it still doesn’t make me feel any better.

But back to the gym this morning – the xtrainer was calling my name. We have an awfully close relationship these days – the xtrainer and me. For the first 15 minutes of the 45 minute workout there was no television to distract me – staff hadn’t got around to turning them on. So it was just me, the xtrainer and my music. Without the distraction of television I do tend to watch the clock and it was ticking over ever so slowly. However on the positive side I was not feeling as tired as I was yesterday (well, not until later in the day when the 3am wake up finally caught up with me…oh about…3pm) but I was still very happy when the 45 minutes finally clocked on and I could press STOP.

Hallelujah! Another workout done and dusted.

What I wouldn’t give to be able walk or run outdoors rather than being confined to the xtrainer. You don’t realise how much you miss doing these things until you can’t do it, and then you’d give anything to be able to do it. Ironic really.

As a result of my very early wake up and lack of success in getting back to sleep I really struggled through the afternoon. My head was practically hitting the desk around 3pm and it was only the assistance of several cups of coffee that kept me going until I could finally leave for the day. Here’s hoping I have a better sleep tonight.

A fugly workout

25 Sep

I cannot lie. It was a hard slog on the xtrainer this morning. Wading through mud would have been easier. I can’t believe how tired I felt and my legs just did not want to cooperate. But as per usual, I ignored the plaintive cries, sucked it up and struggled on. To distract myself and to pass the time I read the sub-titles on the television screen at the gym – it helped…marginally.

I made me think of a column Michelle Bridges wrote a couple of weeks ago, and got slammed for by some segments of the media and fitness industry, about how she said that working out is not all fun and smiles. That to hit your target heart rate, or anaerobic threshold, does involve some blood, sweat and tears. And it’s true. Exercise can be fun but it can also be bloody hard work at times. And it’s at those times that I’m not smiling or having a good old chuckle. Instead my heart rate is up, my muscles are screaming to stop and the sweat is pouring off me. But not every workout is like this (thank goodness) nor is the entire workout like this. But when I hit my anaerobic threshold heart rate it ain’t pretty but for fitness gains it’s necessary to do this from time to time.  There are people who I see regularly at the gym, sitting on bikes slowly pedalling and reading at the same time. There is a time and a place for everything but personally if I can read while pedalling then obviously I am not working hard enough and really…what’s the point of being there? There’s far more comfortable places to read.

Rant over. Back to the gym this morning and it was a hard workout, mentally as well as physically. A fugly workout.

This morning’s session was followed by a green smoothie for breakfast again (the recipe I used yesterday served 2). This time I added chia seeds which gave it some more bulk and it did fill me up. But I remain to be convinced that drinking my meal is the way to go.

Injury update

I saw the sports doc this afternoon. We went through the scans and report, he did some more diagnostic tests and it was agreed that a MRI was required, to determine whether it’s an adductor injury causing me grief, or a labral tear injury. The original injury, the hammy tear, is still there but not causing me any problems currently as I’m not running. So, I have to make an appointment for an MRI with contrast dye and local anaesthetic to be injected into my hip joint.

Stay tuned…


Happy feet

24 Aug

My feet are feeling the love. I have found a pair of shoes that are really comfortable for walking, they’re light, and there’s more room around my forefoot.

And the best thing is I didn’t have to buy a new pair of shoes.

I was originally wearing my Asics GT 2170s but these gave me lots of grief, especially during last week’s long walk. My right big toe nail is still recovering from the bruising walk. There were a few nights in the past week when I was woken by the throbbing underneath my toe nail. Oh so painful.

So anyway this week I’ve been wearing my Asics Gel DS Trainers. Bliss I tell you, utter bliss. They are so comfortable and cushiony. And my toes aren’t getting a battering. :)

During the week I’ve been walking around 7km most days but this afternoon I did a 12km walk. I didn’t experience any problems with my feet. So fingers crossed I’ve found the perfect shoe for endurance walking. And I managed a 30sec jog every kilometre – total of 12 x 30sec jogs today. :)

This morning I did my weights session at the gym. I enjoy going to the gym on a Saturday morning because its so quiet, compared to the peak hour traffic on week days. I have the choice of machines and weights. And benches. During the week guys hog the benches and don’t willingly give them up.

I increased the weights today so I had to reduce the reps on some of the exercises. The goal is to gradually increase the reps as I get stronger.



20 Aug

Is it just me but the day after a rest day I find it really hard to get motivated to get up early and to the gym, or out for a walk, or whatever other physical activity I had planned. It’s like give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. In other words, give me a rest day and I’ll find any excuse to extend it. Blame it on the inner sloth!

So if you hadn’t caught on by now, this was my usual early morning inner psychological warfare waging again. Get up, no stay in bed, get up, no stay in bed, GET UP, !@#$%^ Ceasefire!

Hmm, guess what won out! Yes it was a case of JFDI (just freakin’ do it) this morning. Get up, dress up, show up and get active. Once I was at the gym I decided to make the most of the hour I give myself to get through my workout, so it was heavier weights, faster reps, longer intervals, fewer rests.

And as usual, by the time I left the gym, I was glad I’d made the effort. Sound familiar?!


Baby steps

17 Aug

Running attempt #52 (or so it feels like it) this afternoon. The plan was to try some 60sec jogs with walking inbetween.

Sounds easy.

It wasn’t.

I ended up doing 10 x 10sec shuffles (I’m being generous with this description) spread out during a 10km walk. I can’t lift my left leg very well when attempting to jog. It tends to drag a bit. So not a lot of progress to speak of in 14 weeks. For a runner I’m making a great walker :)

Earlier today I did a weights session at the gym. Again I was to start incorporating some leg exercises into my routine. So I did leg presses with an extremely light weight, static lunges, hamstring curls using a Swiss ball, and one leg bridges. No problems while doing them but it will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully not too sore as I have a 19km walk to do. But…I will have company for part of the walk. Ruth is going to join me! And of course, seeing we are the Caffeinista Sistas, coffee will be on the cards! :)


Get the body moving…the mind will follow

13 Aug

I had a week’s break from the gym last week but it was back into it again this morning.

There was the usual initial resistance I experience when I wake and don’t feel like going to the gym but would much rather stay in bed a little longer. However I have come to realise that those are the days I do need to get out and do something. So it’s a case of getting the body moving…the mind then follows!

So ignoring my inner sloth, I got up, got ready and out the door. Having a week off really helped. I felt more refreshed and managed quite a hard session this morning. I love the sensation of lifting heavy weights…well, heavy for me anyway. And you can see tangible results from lifting weights. Beats seeing saggy, soft muscles.

There was a little bit of cardio happening as well – a warm up on the xtrainer and then later a short, sharp interval session on the same machine. At least this doesn’t bother the hammy. And it gets my heart rate up.

Then at lunchtime I managed to get outdoors for a 6km walk. Its good to get away from the desk, the phone calls and the emails that demand to be answered, if only briefly. And the weather was great. There was a cool breeze blowing but there was blue skies and sunshine.

So, as I said, sometimes I have to ignore my mind and just get the body moving. I always feel much better for doing so.


The grunter

30 Jul

When I’m at the gym for my weights session I totally zone out. There’s no idle chit chat for me. I’m there for one purpose and one purpose only – to get through my weights session in the time allotted. I pop my ear phones in, turn my iPod up and get on with it.

This morning I was distracted by The Grunter. I could hear him over my music – every couple of minutes or so my music would be punctuated by very loud grunts. The first time it happened I thought someone had hurt themselves and I swung around to see what had happened. But no….no injury, just a guy looking very red in the face, eyeballs bulging, the veins in his head popping as he strained and grunted under a massive weight balanced on his barbell. Once he had finished his reps he would let the bar drop, crashing to the ground. Time now to stop, gaze into the full length mirror and strike a pose. Then on to the next set or the next exercise…and more grunting. Very.loudly.

Well I guess it did distract me from how I was feeling though I was finding it hard to concentrate given the volume of grunts coming from nearby. I can’t say I have encountered the grunter before so maybe he only makes brief gym appearances or we go at different times. Until this morning.

At lunchtime I went for a 6km walk with the plan of concentrating on my walking form. Today though, nothing seemed to flow and I think at times it was a mish mash of race walking (done really badly) and my normal walking style. I hate to know what I actually look like while walking – maybe it’s better I don’t know! Though some guy did compliment my shoes – my pink/blue Asics gel trainers. Interesting that he commented on my shoes rather than the pace of my walking! Still I was walking faster than him, not hard when he was wearing thongs! :)



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