Packing for the gym

23 Jan

Tomorrow is gym day (*interesting – the spell checker suggests ‘Jim’ for ‘gym’!). Currently I do weights twice a week at the gym – Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I’m also considering changing my outdoor runs on these days to the treadmill for rolling intervals, after work. So it means that Monday and Wednesday nights I need to pack my gym bag so its ready to go when I get up in the morning, to be at the gym at 6am when it opens. Leaving this chore until the morning would be disastrous – the number of things I’d forget for one.

This is my new gym bag – the one that could double as a body bag, its huge. My old bag was half this size and I had to cram everything I needed into it – no wonder it fell to bits. The zips broke, the fabric tore, but then again it was  a cheap one – the one they give you when you first join the gym. I note that now I’m just renewing my membership from year to year there are no freebies thrown my way. They obviously think they don’t need to entice me but you’d think they’d try a little harder to keep me interested and keen to stay a member. Anyway this new bag is so big, there are clearly no space issues but now I have problems filling it. I keep checking the contents, thinking I’ve forgotten something because it looks so empty.

#55 – an 8km run this morning. Legs felt fine and the pace wasn’t too bad. 🙂


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