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29 February

29 Feb

29 February – it comes around once every 4 years so for those born on this day, it’s a long time between birthdays. ūüôā¬†It’s also supposed to be the one time of the year when women can propose to men though I think that’s just a paternalistic hangover from times past. According to Irish folklore there was some deal struck between St Brigid and St Patrick to allow women to propose to men on this one day – something to do with balancing the roles in traditional society.

For run #91 I ran 11km, starting in very light sprinkly rain at 5.45am but the rain soon stopped. It was a case of trying to avoid a multitude of puddles however this was a waste of time, there were so many. Bumped into a friend out walking her dog in Page so had a quick stop to catch up on the news before heading home. Otherwise a very uneventful run.


Run #91 – sweaty work

28 Feb

Due to inclement weather I decided against doing the xcountry run at Weston Park this afternoon and instead opted for rolling intervals on the treadmill. By the time¬†I had finished my intervals session, 6.2km later, I looked like I’d been running in the rain – I was dripping. I’m not sure the air conditioning was working – I couldn’t feel it.

This morning I did a weights session at the gym – lat pulldown with narrow underhand grip, cable rows, barbell squats, sumo squats with barbell plate, shoulder press, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and biceps curls with barbell. This was followed by an abs circuit. Come to think of it, that was hot and sweaty work too. And I really appreciated my breakfast afterwards! ūüôā

Tomorrow morning, rain or no rain, I have a 10km run to do, and personally I would prefer no rain at 6am.

Running in the rain…again

27 Feb

Run #90 this morning was a soggy one – very light showers to start with that gradually got heavier the longer I ran so by the time I finished I was feeling very wet with squishy shoes. The thought briefly crossed my mind that I could leave it until later in the day to run but in the end I decided just to suck it up and do it. And the weather didn’t really improve as the day went on anyway. So I managed 8km in the rain. No ill effects from yesterday’s vets run so all’s good. ūüôā

Running stats

Weekly total kilometres: 49.4km (easy week)

Year to date total kilometres: 409.5

Total kilometers since 30/11/11: 600.6km


26 Feb

That was the sound of the weekend rushing by. Where did it go?! It went by so fast and tomorrow its back to work for another week.

Beautiful weather yesterday; muggy, overcast and intermittent showers today. The weather is so variable this year, and so muggy. This morning for the vets run at North Curtin, it was hot while doing our warm up and¬†while waiting around for the start of our groups. The sun was shining then. But then the cloud cover came and it was actually quite pleasant for the run. Then when we’d finished, the intermittent showers started – the first of many light and scattered showers¬†for the day. Anyway, back to the run – I started in group 22 again, hoping someone might take the hint that I am not a group 32 runner and my group needs changing. I surprised myself with the way I ran the hill. I thought I’d struggle but running at a steady pace got me to the top and down the other side with no problems. Someone even mentioned in passing that I made it look so easy (I’ve had a few of those comments recently but while it might look that way, in reality I am working harder than I might look to be!). A good run and I¬†finished in 11th spot. That was run #89.

After a coffee at Black Pepper with Ruth and Margaret, it was time to go home, shower and head to the mall where I had a top up coffee (as you do) at a new coffee place called Kingston & Co. Average coffee but the menu looks good though shame I can’t eat anything as they don’t appear to have a gluten-free options.

Then it was off to collect Ruth and head to the Botanic Gardens for a meet and greet with a good friend’s baby, Billie. They were very fortunate with the weather, though it was held under cover at the Eucalypt Lawns. The rain held off the entire time we were there. The baby, Billie, was gorgeous – no surprises there. She was having a little sleep when we left.

And finally, home again but the rest of the afternoon/evening I have been¬†busy cooking up meals for the week. I think I’m about done and ready for bed. The only thing I didn’t achieve this weekend was any work on my presentation or assignment, the former which is due Monday week. Oops ūüėČ


25 Feb

Being an easy week I only had 10km to run this morning for run #88 and it¬†was an easy and comfortable run. At the moment 10km is a good distance for me. I still struggle with distances longer than this. However¬†I will persevere. It has to get better…..eventually.

I also¬†did a¬†Power Living Yoga basics¬†class this morning. At least this way I got 75mins of stretching after my run – something I usually neglect, to my detriment I might add. So it was back to downward dogs, high and low planks, cobra, and fish and I won’t even attempt to remember the Sanskrit names. As it was, whenever the teacher (Janine) rattled off a name I had to surreptitiously glance around to see what everyone was doing! I’m sure it will eventually come back to me but at the moment I am battling to keep up with everyone and synchronise my breathing. When she said to¬†exhale, I was inhaling, when she said to¬†inhale, I was exhaling or holding my breath. There seemed to be so much to remember!¬†But I know it’s doing me good so I will persevere (there’s that word again!). It was also a case of ‘spot the runner’ in the class – the one that couldn’t get her leg up high (or even midway), or stretch it over there, or sit on her heels, or a myriad of other things that required flexibility.

Afterwards I raced off to the War Memorial to catch up with Liz, Ewen and Ruth for coffee and lunch. I took my own lunch as I’m not very trusting of many food places at the moment, after the gluten episode the other week. Margaret and Peter also came along, as did Jenni. Of course Ruth and Liz had done 30km+ runs and Ewen had run 16km to my 10km but its all relative.

The twins came over for dinner tonight. It was great to catch up with the boys¬†as¬†I hadn’t seen them since Christmas. I¬†made mushroom and bacon tagliatelle for main course and golden syrup dumplings (a Craig favourite) for dessert. There were no leftovers – funny that! ūüôā


24 Feb

In just over a week’s time I have to do a presentation on a diet that I don’t know a lot about¬†in my nutrition class. I’ve chosen the Paleo Diet as it there’s been lots about it in the media and quite a few books published¬†about it. Not that it’s a new diet as such – since its based on what we ate in paleolithic times ie lean meats and fish, fruit and vegetables and nuts. No grains, legumes, sugar or salt. Obviously no processed foods. Anyway once I’ve finished this book plus some academic research papers on the subject I’m sure I’ll be a lot more aware of the pros and cons of this particular diet.

Run #87 this morning was an easy, and slow, 4.5km before doing some core strengthening exercises. As its my easy week I have a short run of 10km tomorrow and then the vets run at north Curtin on Sunday. Also tomorrow morning, I’m going to a yoga class at Power Yoga – its been quite a few years between classes! Afterwards I hope to catch up with Ruth, Ewen and Liz at the War Memorial cafe for coffee. ūüôā

Lunch with friends

23 Feb

Normally today I would meet Ruth & Mr B for breakfast at Cream but just for something different today, and to fit in with someone’s schedule, we met for lunch at one of my favourite cafes, Two Before Ten cafe. Apparently the name refers to one of the¬†guys who runs the cafe and his¬†idea of the perfect day – two coffees before 10am. Hmmm, I can relate to that! Ruth and I had chicken, avocado and prosciutto salads which looked and tasted delicious. Mr B had a roasted vegie tart. The coffee as usual was excellent.

This morning it was a weights session at the gym – assisted chin ups, barbell squats, dumbbell lunges, upright rows, step ups, push ups, hammer curls and dips followed by full sit ups, crunches and crunch pulses. The session started and finished with 5mins on the xtrainer – easy before the session, and intervals to finish. A great way to start the day!

After work I had an intervals session of 15 x 30sec fast/30 sec slow with a warm up and cool down – it ended up being a 7.3km run. I’m not used to running in hot weather – it was very sunny and warm this afternoon. ¬†So run #86 was a hard, hot and sweaty session to finish the day ūüôā

Back to back runs

22 Feb

#53/366: produce from the vegie garden (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onions and chilli) + the one and only pear from the pear tree!

It’s hard to back up from Tuesday’s late afternoon cross-country run with an early¬†morning run the day after but I must admit it is getting slightly easier than even 3-4 weeks ago. And this morning for run #85¬†I attempted the old Scullin/Page loop that I used to run regularly but hadn’t done so since my injury, almost 12 months ago. I did wonder how I would fare running up Chewings St, which is a long¬†gradual uphill climb, but I managed it, albeit slowly. The 8km loop is quite undulating but its far more interesting than always trying to run flat courses. Running hills is definitely not one of my strengths at the moment¬†so its something to work on.

Tomorrow: weights session in the morning and an intervals session around the lake after work (and if its raining, on the treadmill at the gym) ūüôā

Barrenjoey Dve run

21 Feb

This afternoon’s cross-country run was at Barrenjoey Dve, off Lady Denman Dve. This was the first time I’d run here so I had no idea what the course would be like. After a pleasant sunny day (most of it spent indoors) as per usual the clouds rolled in, late in the afternoon. So no surprises when it started to¬†briefly drizzle¬†at the start of the run. However¬†the rain¬†didn’t get any heavier and did in fact stop so it wasn’t bad weather for running. I was fairly happy with my run today – there were¬†brief periods when¬†I felt good and then other times when I felt like crap. But I cracked a sub-5min/km average for today’s run (#84)¬†and that’s been a while coming, so gotta be happy with that ūüôā

Here we go again…

20 Feb

Here we go again…..another week, another Monday, except not only was I going to work but I also had classes at CIT. And so it was that I drove to Tuggeranong from north side in Canberra peak hour on Glenloch Interchange and the parkway (nothing has changed) for a morning meeting, then drove all the way back to Bruce later in the morning for a class that started at lunchtime.

It was a short run (#83)¬†this morning¬†with 4 x 100m strides on the oval to break up the run. I really wish the sprinklers didn’t come on early in the morning because it results in wet shoes and socks….not pleasant.

Dinner tonight was a delicious salmon stir-fry with bok choy and capsicum and noodles made from the konjac root. ūüôā