19 Feb

Sunday is sleep in day as a rule unless something like the vets monthly run is on and then against my better judgement I make allowances and get up early. So this morning I made an appearance probably sometime after 9am feeling every inch Ms Grumpiness. Thats what tiredness can do to me. Even toasted banana bread with ricotta cheese and mixed berries couldn’t lift my spirits initially……..well only temporarily 😉

However my mood did improve as the day wore on which was probably a relief to Mr N. I spent the afternoon cooking meals for the week. This included the pumpkin and quinoa salad in the photos above. It seems these days quinoa is all the rage and touted as a superfood but for anyone who has to eat gluten-free quinoa has been one of our staple foods for quite a while. Technically it’s a seed, full of protein, and can replace grains such as cous cous or rice in many dishes. Porridge can be made from quinoa flakes and quinoa flour can be used in many recipes with a mix of other grains or seeds to replace wheat flour. So its a versatile seed.

I left my run (#82) quite late in the day hoping for a surge in energy but alas it never happened. There were distant rumblings of thunder but nothing further eventuated. It was only a short run to turn the legs over. Here’s hoping for a better week energy-wise. 🙂

Running stats

Total kms for the week: 58.2km

Total kms for 2012: 360.1km

Total kms since 30/11/11: 551.2km


One Response to “Zzzzzz”

  1. Strewth 19/02/2012 at 11:14 pm #

    Maybe you need a rest day – lol!

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