26 Feb

That was the sound of the weekend rushing by. Where did it go?! It went by so fast and tomorrow its back to work for another week.

Beautiful weather yesterday; muggy, overcast and intermittent showers today. The weather is so variable this year, and so muggy. This morning for the vets run at North Curtin, it was hot while doing our warm up and while waiting around for the start of our groups. The sun was shining then. But then the cloud cover came and it was actually quite pleasant for the run. Then when we’d finished, the intermittent showers started – the first of many light and scattered showers for the day. Anyway, back to the run – I started in group 22 again, hoping someone might take the hint that I am not a group 32 runner and my group needs changing. I surprised myself with the way I ran the hill. I thought I’d struggle but running at a steady pace got me to the top and down the other side with no problems. Someone even mentioned in passing that I made it look so easy (I’ve had a few of those comments recently but while it might look that way, in reality I am working harder than I might look to be!). A good run and I finished in 11th spot. That was run #89.

After a coffee at Black Pepper with Ruth and Margaret, it was time to go home, shower and head to the mall where I had a top up coffee (as you do) at a new coffee place called Kingston & Co. Average coffee but the menu looks good though shame I can’t eat anything as they don’t appear to have a gluten-free options.

Then it was off to collect Ruth and head to the Botanic Gardens for a meet and greet with a good friend’s baby, Billie. They were very fortunate with the weather, though it was held under cover at the Eucalypt Lawns. The rain held off the entire time we were there. The baby, Billie, was gorgeous – no surprises there. She was having a little sleep when we left.

And finally, home again but the rest of the afternoon/evening I have been busy cooking up meals for the week. I think I’m about done and ready for bed. The only thing I didn’t achieve this weekend was any work on my presentation or assignment, the former which is due Monday week. Oops 😉


One Response to “Whooosh!”

  1. Steve 26/02/2012 at 9:34 pm #

    It’s difficult for the handicapping system to work out which group you should be in when you run much faster even than the rate of the group you started from. What is taken into account is the rate of improvement, will that happen again? If it does, then being eligible, you should win a medal & be put back to group 32 or thereabouts anyway.Certainly, your ears will be burning on Wednesday night, your name will be mentioned a few times. I’ll post on FB when I get home around 10 pm.
    Keep up the good running, with care, nothing too silly like trying to race too often.

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