Run #91 – sweaty work

28 Feb

Due to inclement weather I decided against doing the xcountry run at Weston Park this afternoon and instead opted for rolling intervals on the treadmill. By the time I had finished my intervals session, 6.2km later, I looked like I’d been running in the rain – I was dripping. I’m not sure the air conditioning was working – I couldn’t feel it.

This morning I did a weights session at the gym – lat pulldown with narrow underhand grip, cable rows, barbell squats, sumo squats with barbell plate, shoulder press, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and biceps curls with barbell. This was followed by an abs circuit. Come to think of it, that was hot and sweaty work too. And I really appreciated my breakfast afterwards! 🙂

Tomorrow morning, rain or no rain, I have a 10km run to do, and personally I would prefer no rain at 6am.


One Response to “Run #91 – sweaty work”

  1. Ewen 28/02/2012 at 9:33 pm #

    That’s disgusting. Hope you mopped up the treadmill! It was refreshingly cool out at Weston Park, and they used a nice ‘dry’ road course which you would have loved.

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