Skyfire 2012

17 Mar

Happy St Patrick’s day! We ventured down to Lake Burley Griffin this evening to watch the annual Skyfire fireworks. Normally its an impressive display but this year it seemed flat and uninspiring. Maybe standing in the rain for 20mins dampened our enthusiasm for the usually amazing spectacular. Even the soundtrack was a bit hit and miss – there was some Lady GaGa and Gotye but there was also what Mr N would describe as that “doof doof sh*t”! Once it was over there was a mad dash for the car along with everyone else, to try and beat the traffic trying to leave the area. How no-one gets hit by a car as there are idiots who play chicken with the cars as they cross the busy roads.

I was planning on running 10km early this morning but woke to the back up alarm on the clock radio, indicating that the power had gone off sometime during the night. Since it was still really dark (at 5.30am) and I was feeling really tired, I decided to sleep in a little while longer. Also I couldn’t face the idea of getting up and running without my morning caffeine hit. So I ended up getting up about 7am, heating water in the saucepan on the stove (gas) and opting for a shorter run of 5km.

Tomorrow: running as part of a two person relay in the Weston Creek half marathon. The downside – I’m the first runner and it starts at 7.30am. No sleep in for me 😦


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