Accidentally 8km

2 Apr

The plan this morning was to run 6km, no more, no less. So how did I end up doing 8km? Well it was an accident. You see, I was running, listening to my music, thinking about anything and everything and before I realised it I had run 4km. As it was an out and back course that I was doing, there was nothing for it but to run back for the same distance.  And that is how I accidentally managed to run 8km. I like those sort of runs – where you’re running but not really thinking about it. That, to me, means that I’m not struggling, wishing it would end or any number of negative thoughts but just running. In the zone is another way of putting it. Granted, not every run is like this nor should they be – some are downright hard work, others I struggle to get started but improve the longer I go, and others where I’m focusing on pace or time. But every now and then I just run and before I know it I’ve gone the distance, I’m back where I started, and a little surprised that its done. Just like that. No fuss. No drama. No mental battles. Just done. 🙂


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