Brekkie time

19 Apr

Another grey, rainy day but I was up early to do my 5km run as I had a breakfast engagement this morning. I ran a slightly different route to what I normally do and it involved a couple of hills so that was my challenge for the week. And aside from jumping some puddles, there was really nothing else to report.

Breakfast was at Cream in the city. I ordered a coffee while I waited for my brekkie companions to show up and I have to admit I was beginning to think that maybe I had the venue or the day wrong. I kept checking my phone but no, there were no messages. And then they arrived – whew! It was a lovely catch up over brekkie and even more exciting, some talk about the NY marathon in 2013 – fingers crossed this goes ahead 🙂

And then, unfortunately, one of us had to go to work……


One Response to “Brekkie time”

  1. Strewth 19/04/2012 at 11:08 pm #

    BIG fingers crossed but it sounds very hopeful! I love our brekkies – sorry we were late:( xx

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