Back to reality

11 May

Well not quite…..reality will hit on Monday when I return to work. I was hoping to sleep in this morning, given that I had a late night, but no such luck. At 5.30am I was wide awake and ready to go so not quite sure what happened there! Still I lay around in bed for another couple of hours and then decided to go for a quick short run (there was nothing quick about it). It was a balmy 13 degrees and drizzly – not that much different from being in Margaret River really! The run itself was uneventful – out along the cycle path and back.

I was also surprised by the change in the trees out the front just from being away for a week. One tree was starting to change colour when I left – the leaves are now dropping in large numbers. The smaller Japanese maple was green when I left – it now has totally changed colour. Soon there will be bare trees out the front – heralding the fact that winter is not too far away.

So my holiday is almost at an end. On Monday its back to work although I do have a dentist’s appointment first which involves replacing a filling. So a great start to next week, not!


2 Responses to “Back to reality”

  1. Ewen Thompson (@EwenThompson) 11/05/2012 at 8:36 pm #

    Welcome home. You left poor Ruth without a coffee buddy! Yes, the Claret Ash lining our street are really losing their leaves fast now.

    • cathyn61 11/05/2012 at 8:48 pm #

      If I could I would stay! My coffee buddy will be home tomorrow 🙂

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