It’s like riding a bike…..

19 May

Sunday, November 14 2010. That was the last time I rode my bike. It was as part of a team in the Tour de Femme, and from memory was a helluva lot of fun.

Fast forward to Saturday, 19 May 2012. My first time on my bike since then. Yep, 18 months later. Mr N got it out of the shed and pumped the tyres for me yesterday in readiness for this morning’s ride. I spent some time last night rummaging through cupboards looking for my cycling gear. My training program had me doing an easy 30min ride today.

This is the old girl (and no, we are not talking about the owner). I bought her when I was training for my first half ironman in 2003. Another long course event happened after that and then the big one, the ironman in 2004. She has done lots of kms. But she has been neglected since then apart from the brief period in late 2010 when I got her out and did some rides leading up to the Tour de Femme. I would love a new bike but for the moment she will have to do.

This morning I dusted off the cobwebs, looked very carefully under the seat and checked the tyres to make sure they hadn’t deflated over night. It was very chilly outside, about minus 2 so I was wearing several layers.

Note to self: get some bike booties as my feet get very cold.

Wavered between using the bike trainer or heading out on the road. The road eventually won and so it was that I headed out with trepidation. I had forgotten everything about riding but they say a skill once learned is never forgotten ie it’s like riding a bike! Well I was going to be testing that particular saying. Which gear lever for the front chain ring? Brakes? What chain ring am I in on the back?  Remembering that I am literally attached to my bike so must detach one shoe when stopping at lights. So many things to remember, to think about, to stay upright. There may have been a world record this morning down in St Kilda (12WBT) but there was a miracle right here in Canberra – I didn’t stack my bike! 😉

It was a short ride this morning – really to familiarise myself with cycling again. This is the start of many rides, ones that will be a lot longer than today’s ride. Once I made it home in one piece, I changed into running gear and headed out for a very short run – 3.3km which also included several 100m strides on the local oval.

Tomorrow its the YMCA of Canberra half marathon, starting at 8am. Here’s hoping for some nice weather and that it’s not too chilly first thing in the morning.


2 Responses to “It’s like riding a bike…..”

  1. Ewen Thompson (@EwenThompson) 19/05/2012 at 10:16 pm #

    That’s a small bike! Cute. Glad there were no CJs caused by forgetting to unclip at the lights. Shame you missed the party. I heard Mish was looking particularly ravishing. I’ll have to look for someone else’s photos.

    • cathyn61 19/05/2012 at 11:30 pm #

      I’m a small person! 🙂

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