1, 2, 3, 4………

21 May

It was back to the pool early this morning for another swim session. And I am happy to report that today’s swim was a vast improvement on last week’s swim, ie I didn’t feel as though I was going to die mid-lap or sink like a stone. I made sure I was waiting at the fitness centre’s doors before they opened this morning so that I could head straight to the seating, dump my bag, get my gear off (in a manner of speaking), grab my goggles and swim cap and grab a lane before the hordes swarmed in.

The biggest problem I have while swimming (apart from minor technicalities such as staying afloat, remembering to breathe, etc) is remembering how many laps I’ve swum. I’ve tried all sorts of ways of trying to remember but mid-session my mind starts to wander and before I know it I’m thinking, was that lap 5 or 6, no I’m sure I’ve done 4 so that must’ve been lap 5, but then again it might’ve been lap 6, or maybe I’m actually up to lap 7. I’ve swum laps where with almost every stroke I repeat the lap number; other times when I’ve visualised the lap number; still other times when I relate laps to triathlon distances I’ve done in past events eg 200m Joyathon, 300m Sunsmart, 400m Women’s and Girls’, etc, etc. The point of all this is that I lost track of the number of laps I had swum in the main set this morning. I checked my time and decided to do another 100m for good measure. So in all likelihood I probably swam an extra 100m than I needed to!

I even managed to get away from my desk at lunchtime for a 6km run. Surprisingly I felt fine after yesterday’s half marathon, in fact, I had forgotten that I had done one. There was no soreness, tiredness or any signs of stiffness in the legs – so I can’t complain. And it was a pleasant 6km in sunshine.

The only dampener today was that I withdrew from my study course – the demands of work made study virtually impossible and only contributed to stress levels. So I’m sad that such a decision needed to be taken but sometimes life sucks 😦


One Response to “1, 2, 3, 4………”

  1. Steve 22/05/2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Keep your head down, don’t forget to breathe, and watch the black line. Do an extra lap just in case. Go girl.

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