My friend DOMS

23 May

My friend DOMS has paid a visit. I knew I was going to be sore today, I just didn’t anticipate how much. I knew as soon as I moved this morning, after the alarm went off, that not only did I have muscles but each and every one of them was hurting. All those microscopic muscle tears were making their presence felt. However I had a run to do and not even DOMS was going to stop me so it was a case of get up, get dressed and start running.  Thankfully it is still very dark at 5.45am so as I hobbled off down the road there was no-one to witness the strange sight! However, the longer I moved the better I began to feel and so I eventually eased into a decent running pace and style. 8km later and I was feeling so much better.

However, that was short-lived as once I was at work and sitting at my desk, the soreness returned. Every time I got out of my chair to go to the printer, to see someone, or get a coffee, I was reminded of the fact. And tonight, the soreness has increased, if that’s at all possible. I’m not sure what’s worse – getting up out of a chair, or sitting down again! An epsom salts bath, nurofen plus a touch of deep heat, and hopefully I will feel a lot better tomorrow. Because……..its my next gym session for the week! It will be a case of here we go again! I think DOMS might hang around for a bit 🙂 


One Response to “My friend DOMS”

  1. Steve 24/05/2012 at 12:16 am #

    Forget the heat treatment, it’s cold that works. Page 54-56 of current R4YL magazine refers. Either the Murrumbidgee River which is very cold, or ice in the bath. It’s not going to be comfortable, but it will work. Or a trip out to Vanities Crossing.
    On the positive side, it’s a good sign you are doing what is required without too much complaining, although I can hear you down southside.
    Couple of days, mix up the muscles that are working, give one set a rest every now and then. You’ll be fine. Good work, keep going.

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