The deep freeze

5 Jun

Winter has arrived with a vengeance – a bitterly cold wind that cuts right through you, rain, low temperatures, grey skies. Its days like these where it would be much nicer to stay at home and not have to venture out in the wintry weather. However, I had a weights session at the gym this morning so at 6am I was waiting at the doors to be let in. Then it was squats, step ups, hip raises, squat jumps, push ups, upright rows, biceps curls and triceps dips – I wasn’t feeling cold by the end! However I discovered today how much I suck at push ups on toes (I did them but it was hard work), squat jumps and double crunches. There is definitely room for improvement on these exercises.

I ventured out at lunchtime because I needed to do some food shopping – the weather hadn’t improved, in fact it had got colder and windier, if that’s possible. But I did see a couple of (fool)hardy souls out jogging and one was wearing singlet and shorts. Madness! No outdoors training for me today – after work I was heading back to the gym for she-devil’s spin class.

Tuesday afternoon’s spin class is a freestyle class taken by Sophie (aka the she-devil). She starts every session by saying that there will be no air-conditioning or fans used, and its either go hard or go home. It’s a tough class but I always come out of it feeling like I’ve given it everything and worked hard, which I can’t always say for some of the RPM classes. However today Svetlana was filling in for Sophie and so I was a bit worried that maybe it wouldn’t be as good but I needn’t have worried. The she-devil has an understudy who is just as hard – she has been taught well by her mentor!

Its been more than 12 months since I’ve done a spin class so I was naturally apprehensive about how I’d go. It was hard and there were times when the quads were screaming but I survived. I had also forgotten how disgustingly sweaty you can get in these classes (especially since there is no air-conditioning or fans). It may have been blowing a gale outside and the temperature close to zero, but in that spin class it was hot and sweaty.

I will sleep well tonight 🙂

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.” – Jen Segger


One Response to “The deep freeze”

  1. Steve 06/06/2012 at 1:45 pm #

    Good girl, no point not going hard. Take the time to get there so go home sweaty. You should feel good afterwards, and sleep well.

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