R & R

18 Jul

I’ve finally taken everyone’s advice & indulged in some R&R aka rest & recuperation. Not that I’m up for much anyway. I get tired out just getting to from my sick bed to the kitchen for a much needed coffee (which I might add doesn’t seem to be providing the much needed oomph I’m after).

Starting to feel a little less like the walking dead and more like a functioning human again so there’s merit in that notion of rest & recuperate. Who knew! 😉



One Response to “R & R”

  1. Jog 18/07/2012 at 9:31 pm #

    Good on you Cathy. it’s not a lot different to being injured. You just have to “do what it takes – ie, rest and recovery”. Try & enjoy it; knowing that you’ll come back healthy and ready to go again. Besides, when we are all in the midst of slog training we all yearn for a few days off so treat this time as “easy time already earned”. That’s my advice for what it is worth 🙂

    On a totally different note, when do you want to do breakfast again 🙂 ??

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