Wednesday Wanders

1 Aug

This morning I decided to run to Albert Park lake & run the 5km running track that borders the lake. I ran up Clarendon St to the lake. This takes me through South Melbourne shopping precinct on the way to the lake. Past lots of little cafes that were opening their doors, with aromas of coffee wafting out. But I had a job to do and that was to run. No time for coffee!

It was a pleasant run around the lake on the dirt running track. There were a few people out running or walking on what was a lovely morning, by Melbourne standards! 😉 Because it was quite chilly (even for a Canberra visitor) my long sleeved top stayed on & the sleeves weren’t pushed up. At one stage I passed cars banked up in traffic and felt immensely grateful that I was outdoors running and not stuck in a traffic snarl! Sometimes it is the little things.

I didn’t realize that I had literally run “up” Clarendon St to the lake, until my return trip, as I was running downhill back to the apartment!

Our wanderings today took us to South Melbourne markets (home of the famous dim sim) where we bought kale (and later made kale chips for dinner to go with the oven roasted pumpkin, onion & garlic soup) and had a coffee at Padre’s (home of great coffee). We also checked out Passion Foods, an organic health foods supermarket where they have an extensive range of gluten free foods, raw foods and organic meat, fruit & veggies. After lunch it was off to DFO at Southern Cross Station on a mission to find the perfect pair of boots. More like mission impossible. Lots of empty stores. We headed up Collins St on our way to Melbourne Central to check out more shoe stores. No luck – new season spring shoes were in. Finally we wandered along Block arcade and stopped for a much needed coffee at a cute little Italian cafe, Caffe Duomo.

Tomorrow, the plan is a weights session before breakfast and then I’m off to South Wharf DFO to buy boots. I will not accept defeat! The afternoon will be spent exploring some of Melbourne’s laneways before heading out to see Annie at Regent Theatre tomorrow night. 🙂



2 Responses to “Wednesday Wanders”

  1. Sarah C 02/08/2012 at 12:07 am #

    Gorgeous photo! That view would keep me running for sure!

    • cathyn61 02/08/2012 at 12:27 am #

      Thanks Sarah. It was really lovely running around there which made the run very enjoyable. Beats being inside on mornings like that!

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