In the swim of things

10 Dec

10 Dec 2012_berry deliciousFinally I made it to the pool. It didn’t happen Saturday or Sunday but I have started the week with a splash! Not that it was accompanied with great enthusiasm or energy, at least to start with. I have to admit that sometimes getting in the water is the hardest bit – don’t dilly dally but just jump straight in, is my way of dealing with it. A couple of weeks ago I was waiting patiently by the ladder to get out after a session while a guy was spending many painful minutes lowering himself centimetre by centimetre into the water. “It’s cold!” he exclaimed, as way of excuse. My advice was to just get in and get it over with – he’d soon warm up. Talk about doing it the slow and painful way – of course, it’s going to be cold! Why prolong the agony?!

Today’s swim session: 300m w/u; 3 x 300 L2 (30s); 3 x 100 kick = 1.5km

L2 equates to a level 13 on the Effort (RPE) scale, that is, “somewhat hard.” Your muscles are starting to work and recruiting some additional fibres, you can carry on a conversation (not recommended while swimming!) but you might be starting to cut your answers short.

Todays’ breakfast was a toasted gluten free roll, topped with reduced fat ricotta cheese, fresh raspberries and dusted with raw cacao powder. Definitely berry delicious 😉

Tomorrow: the plan is a weights session in the morning followed by a bike interval session after work.

“It’s not where you start, but where you finish.” – April Heinrichs – Coach of the U.S. women’s national soccer team





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