Step by step by step by…….

26 Jan

There were lots of steps this morning on my way to 32km. It was humid to start with, at 6.30am when I started my three hour slog, or plod. Then when the sun came out from behind the cloud cover, it was hot. Not the greatest conditions for running…..well, not for me, anyway. I know there are others who revel in this weather but I prefer it a little cooler, for running anyway.

I can’t say I was brimming with energy when I started either. I’m not sure why – whether it wasn’t enough sleep as it had been a warm night, or just the end of a stressful week. All I was hoping was that somewhere along the way I’d find my pace which would make the run a bit easier. To start tired on a 32km run was not a good sign!

My last long run (30km) was 2 weeks ago and resulted in me experiencing back spasms the following day which meant no running for a week. I really didn’t need this to happen again so was conscious of listening for any signals from my body. Fortunately, on the run, apart from the tiredness, there were no other problems.

Near the end of my lake run, before heading off on the cycle path through Melba and then Florey, I was beginning to smell sausages – lots of family groups were setting up for Australia Day barbecues. Can’t say that the smell of barbecued sausages is terribly appealing at the 25k mark of a long run!

Amazingly I seemed to get a second wind for the last 7km home – well the last 6km anyway (the last km was pretty awful!). And finally 32km was done…thank god.

I’ve been stretching on and off all day and not spending a lot of time sitting. Hopefully my back will be fine tomorrow morning as I hope to get to the 6km Vets run at the Aranda bushland course, not too far from home.

Tonight we’ve been experiencing strong winds, rain and thunderstorms. It’s starting to settle now – well the wind anyway. There’s still plenty of thunder & lightning.

“Whatever you find hardest to do, do with all your heart.” – Dalai Lama



3 Responses to “Step by step by step by…….”

  1. Steve 26/01/2013 at 10:18 pm #

    You run much too fast for me, I’m only good for over 7 mins per km these days.

  2. crazytraintotinkytown 28/01/2013 at 1:06 am #

    Love today’s pic nothing like stormy skies for making you feel all cosy wrapped up inside

    • cathyn61 29/01/2013 at 6:01 am #

      Yes, especially when a wild thunderstorm is raging outside. Much rather being inside!

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