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Run for chocolate

31 Mar

easter eggs
3.24pm session: easy run
Distance: 11km
Time: 64.14min
Pace: 5.48min/km
Cals: 653
Weather: 20*c, wind – S, 11kph

Sleeps till marathon: 14 (yikes!)

There was not the blue skies and sunshine like we’ve had the last couple of days. In fact, this morning it looked quite bleak, as if it would rain. However, the sun did make an appearance eventually, but the clouds never really went away.

It was the exchange of easter eggs and chocolates today. All I can say is thank goodness I run – it does lessen the guilt of eating chocolate a teensy bit!

We also ventured out to the Kingston old bus depot markets this morning for a browse, and so it seemed did most of Canberra. There was chaos in the parking lot but eventually we made it inside to check out the wares. Not that we bought anything but still it was lovely to wander around having a look at what people had on offer.

Later this afternoon I managed an easy 11km run along the cycle paths down to Lake Ginninderra, before returning home. That makes it 73km for the week, with only 2 weeks left before the marathon. Am I ready? Not sure but will give it my best shot.

β€œWhat you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” ― Katharine Hepburn


Blue skies & sunshine

30 Mar

7.09am session: long run
Distance: 25km (inc 5km parkrun)
Time: 2hr 27.46min (5km – 25.48min)
Pace: 5.54min/km
Cals: 1,468
Weather: (7am) – 3.5*c, wind – calm
(10am) – 12.9*c, wind – NNW, 6kph

Wow, it was a chilly start to the run this morning, requiring a spray jacket until I warmed up. I was grateful for the 7km warm up run before the parkrun because it was so painfully slow. However by the time the parkrun started, I had warmed up and had a much more comfortable run. Met up with Ruth before the start of parkrun and also chatted briefly to Gary.

I was pretty happy with my parkrun this morning. The plan was not to knock myself out but to run comfortably as I still had to get home. Last time I ran this course I did precisely that (ie knocked myself out and ran a PB) which made the trip home long and slow. So I paced myself well today and finished with plenty left in the legs to run another 13km home.

Ruth and I then ran part of Lake Ginninderra and the peninsular together before going our respective ways. It was nice to have company for 6km of the 13km run home. The rest of the run was uneventful and I felt fine. It was another beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine. I wonder how long this will last? Well, that’s our second last long run done before the big one, and next week’s long run really isn’t one – its only about 13km.

Met up with Ruth again a bit later for lunch at Kingston and Co. By then both of us were starving – my last meal was at 5am! It was crazy busy at the Mall – so many people obviously doing last minute Easter shopping. So it was nice to sit down, relax and enjoy a yummy meal and a great coffee. Mr B joined us a little later.

The hot cross bun run

29 Mar

3.30pm session: easy run
Distance: 14km
Time: 1hr 19.50min
Weather: 19.7*c, wind – W, 9kph; sunny, blue skies

I’m way over running in the twilight zone, ie running early in the dark, so I’m trying to plan the bulk of my runs to happen in daylight hours. So it was a nice sleep in this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast, a spot of housecleaning and washing, and then a coffee at Max Brenner’s.

Hmm, sometime today I’m going to have to get on my running gear and out the door. Today’s motivation – run the 14km and then I can have a hot cross bun when I get home. So hence today’s run being known as the hot cross bun run! πŸ™‚

It was an absolutely stunner of an afternoon to be out running 14km – brilliant blue skies, not a cloud to be seen, a gentle breeze, not too hot, just perfect. Lots of other people thought so too as I passed many out walking their dogs, the occasional other runner and some cyclists.

Back home, I thoroughly enjoyed that toasted hot cross bun πŸ™‚

Part 1 & 2 of today’s run

27 Mar

5.46am – easy run
Distance: 3.6km
Time: 22.36min
Pace: 6.09min/km
Cals: 218
Weather: 9.5*c, calm, no wind

Part 1 of today’s run: So why was I running such a short run so early in the morning? I asked myself exactly this, this morning at approx 5.47am :). Though at that stage I wasn’t planning on running such a short distance. Anyway I could not come up with a good enough reason to continue running in the dark under street lights and yet, strangely enough, I could come up with lots of strong arguments as to why it would be so much better to run at lunchtime! And Michelle Bridges always said even if you don’t feel like doing a workout, at least start and then after 10-15mins if you still don’t feel like it, then stop. And so that’s what I did. πŸ™‚

12noon: interval run
Session: 2 x (2 x 1min [1min RI]; 4 x 30s [30s RI]; 2 x 1min [1min RI])
Distance: 11km
Time: 61.34min
Pace: 5.30min/km
Cals: 664
Weather: 26.9*c, wind – NNW, wind – 20kph

Part 2! I felt so much better running in daylight hours, in the sunshine, getting my quota of vitamin D. Apart from the 10min warm up when I felt like crap (normal) the run went really well and at a much faster pace than yesterday (turtle pace). It’s also a great way of breaking up the working day. There were a few other runners out as well pounding the pavement, and lots of cyclists. I ran along the cycle paths that take me through Turner and Lyneham. Doing an intervals session also makes the time pass quickly and before I knew it I was back at the office, feeling very hot, sweaty and red in the face! Practically inhaled my lunch! πŸ™‚


Turtle pace

26 Mar

Today’s session: easy run
Distance: 8.5km
Time: 54.11min
Pace: 6.20min/km
Cals: 502
Weather: 11.4*c, wind – E, 7kph, some fog

Is it possible to run any slower?! It was turtle pace this morning. And I had to cut short the distance as well. Oh well, at least I got out there and did something today. πŸ™‚

I did have an excuse. As a result of a dietary mishap on Sunday, I’ve been experiencing a gluten attack, which is not pleasant. Running on Monday was totally out of the question, so the fact that I could get out there and do some distance this morning is progress. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.

Another mishap involves my Garmin 310XT watch – the strap has broken. Which means I have to run holding my Garmin, which is a pain. I’ve been to some watch repairers here but no-one can help. I’ve emailed Garmin but so far….deafening silence.


Stromlo Forest Park run

24 Mar

Today’s session: vets run @ Stromlo Forest Park
Distance: 8km (+1.2km warm up)
Time: 43.22min
Pace: 5.15min/km
Cals: 480
Start group: 28
Finish place: 59
Weather: (9.50am) 15.4*c, wind – N, 6kph

Some mornings are better spent staying in bed rather than getting up and getting ready for a run. Not any run, mind, but a monthly vets handicap run at Stromlo Forest Park. The venue alone should’ve been enough to put me off – I’m not a fan of grassy undulating tracks. Running 38km yesterday should’ve been enough of a reason to miss this morning’s run.

So why was I there this morning, having one of the worst runs of my running life? Stupidity? Madness? Insanity? Who knows? Catching up with other runners who I don’t see on a day-to-day basis – possibly. Maybe for the coffee and chat afterwards at the Yarralumla Nursery cafe – probably! The things I do for coffee! πŸ™‚

Anyway back to that god-awful run. It was not pretty. The first kilometre was the hardest and I really seriously doubted that I would make the distance. However I know from experience that the first kilometre can be pretty awful and things will improve. Today, marginally. Everyone else seemed to be running well, which is why many runners were passing me and I was passing very few others, at least initially.

To sum up my run today – that’s 43.22min I’m not going to get back! πŸ˜‰ Happy to finish. Even happier to go and have coffee with Ruth, Margaret & Ewen. Makes it all worthwhile really.


It’s a long way to the…cafe!

23 Mar

Today’s session: long run
Distance: 38 freakin’ kms
Time: 4hrs 38sec
Pace: 6.19min/km
Cals: 2,223
Weather: (7am) 10.3*c, wind – NE, 7kph
(11am) 20.5*c, wind – WNW, 19kph

The last looong run before the marathon!!!! Can’t you tell that makes me happy πŸ™‚
Getting up at 5am doesn’t particularly thrill me though; the things we do. I left home just before 7am to run down to LBG to meet up with Ruth at the ferry terminal where we would then continue the long run.

It was a beautiful morning for running, though the wind did pick up a bit later (and we were running into it on the way back from the Boathouse near the end of our run). Lots of people out running and cycling. Bumped into Jen fairly early on, and who was running at a very brisk pace. Had a chat with Vicki who was out training for the marathon (is there anything else?!). She used to be our triathlon coach (and wrote my Ironman program) and someone who we hadn’t seen in a very long time…since she had kids really (and she has three!).

Yes, there were periods when I was dragging the chain near the end. I was tired and all I wanted to do was stop, have a coffee, a diet coke and toast! Talking about food helps! We passed a very colourful dragon boat regatta near the Boathouse. Conversation was getting harder!

Then we were heading up Anzac Avenue. When you’re tired, that has to be the longest stretch of road and it feels like you’re not getting any closer to the War Memorial. But we did…eventually!

Then it was a case of running 300m so Ruth could say she had run 35km. But of course then I had to run another 300m so I could say I’d run 38km. But of course then Ruth had to even out the total on her GPS by continuing on until she’d run 36km! However I had drawn the line at 38km. I was not running another step.

Ewen was waiting for use at the cafe – our final destination! And then I could have my coffee, diet coke and toast! And it was delicious and worth every step I’d taken that morning to get there! πŸ™‚


Get a move on

21 Mar

Today’s session: medium long run
Distance: 15km
Time taken: 1hr 25.06min
Pace: 5.40min/km
Cals: 874
Weather: (5.42am) 10.3*c, no wind, some fog

I needed a mental kick in the pants this morning. I was faced with the prospect of another slow plodding run before work but then I had a lightbulb moment – get my butt into gear, move a little quicker and get it done sooner. Sounds easy and logical but at 5.45am that can be easier said than done.

After the first kilometre which was at a slow and plodding pace, I picked up the pace, refused to listen to the inner teenager complaining about having to expend so much energy so early in the morning, and just kept at it, for a further 14km.

It was verging on foggy after the small amount if rain we received last night. It was also overcast which meant it remained quite dark for longer than usual so I had to watch my footing on the cycle paths and foot paths. It’s so much easier once the sun rises and I can see clearly where I’m going! πŸ™‚

For lunch today a work colleague and I ventured to Lonsdale St, specifically Sweet Bones, a vegetarian/vegan cafe at Lonsdale St Traders. There have been quite a few very favourable reviews for this cafe and so we thought we’d give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I can happily report that we had a very tasty and healthy lunch and a great coffee. We loved the surroundings – very Melbourne-like, with an eclectic selection of shops and wares.


Groundhog Day

20 Mar

Today’s session: easy run
Distance: 13km
Time: 1hr 20:11min
Pace: 6.05min/km
Cals: 772
Weather: (5.51am) 8.9*c, wind – NNE, 7kph

Another day, another run.

Groundhog Day.

I keep telling myself that this week is the last big week of training, culminating in a 32km long run on Saturday. Tapering starts next week. πŸ™‚


Tempo Tuesday

19 Mar

Today’s session: run inc intervals
Distance: 11.4km
Time: 1hr 04:39min
Pace: 5.39min/km
Cals: 662

Session: 2 x (2 x 60s [60s RI]; 4 x 30s [30s RI]); 2 x 60s (60s RI)

After a much appreciated rest day yesterday it was back to the program this morning. It’s very easy to get into the trap of slow plodding after an event and this morning I felt I needed a session with a bit more pop. Hence the intervals thrown in the mix just to liven things up. These were done on the local oval after a short warm up on the cycle path. The rest intervals weren’t an excuse to stand around twiddling my thumbs but instead involved a slow jog between the harder runs.

Then to finish off the session I ran another 7km along the cycle path. Another session done & dusted πŸ™‚