Two is better than one?

5 Mar

Session: early morning run

Distance: 8km
Time: 50.21min
Av pace: 6.10min/km
Cals: 473
Weather: 14*c, SE wind – 9kph

Yes? No? Yes? No?

This was the dilemma facing me this morning. The program says 18km. Unless I get up way way too early then I’m pushing to run 18km before work, in fact it’s nigh on impossible. So do I run 18km after work also including the Summer Series 5km? At the end of the working day 18km just seems too far, too long and too hard.

Compromise. I decided to do part of my run this morning (8km though the plan had been to do 10km) and then run the remaining kilometres after work – in this case, 10km.

I ran quite slowly this morning – tiredness is taking its toll. Tomorrow is my rest day and I’m looking forward to it like you wouldn’t believe. Marathon training can get a little monotonous after a while.

Session: afternoon run, including Summer Series event

Distance: 10.3km
Time: 57.05min
Av pace: 5.32min/km
Cals: 597
Weather: 24.8*c, ENE wind – 20kph

Sleeps to marathon: 40

Happy with this afternoon’s run as I was feeling tired and wasn’t sure that there’d be anything left in my legs – no energy reserves, or so I thought. It’s amazing how even though you’re feeling dog tired you can still manage to pull something out.

However I did get a lecture from Marty Dent’s coach about running marathons, while waiting in line to hand in my number at the end of the run. He’d overheard a conversation I was having regarding marathon training and then he kept asking me why I was doing a marathon, didn’t I know they were bad for the body, that x percentage of the men’s field at the London Olympics ended up with kidney damage post-marathon, that marathons only teach you to run slow, that I should be running these 5km events 2-3 mins faster, what was my marathon PB and what year did this happen, etc, etc.

Sheesh! He left me feeling quite deflated and had me questioning why I’m even bothering training for a marathon. I’m not an elite runner, never have been, never will be. I’m not out do a PB – I just want to be able to take part. Sure I could start doing some serious speed sessions (and risk injury), lose a few kilos, and maybe, just maybe, I might get faster. But why? What’s the point? Why isn’t participation enough anymore?

“Once you have decided that winning isn’t everything, you become a winner.” – George Sheehan


One Response to “Two is better than one?”

  1. Ewen 05/03/2013 at 9:41 pm #

    Splitting the 18 was a good move – you looked fine this arvo, even if you forgot to bring cake.

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