Turtle pace

26 Mar

Today’s session: easy run
Distance: 8.5km
Time: 54.11min
Pace: 6.20min/km
Cals: 502
Weather: 11.4*c, wind – E, 7kph, some fog

Is it possible to run any slower?! It was turtle pace this morning. And I had to cut short the distance as well. Oh well, at least I got out there and did something today. 🙂

I did have an excuse. As a result of a dietary mishap on Sunday, I’ve been experiencing a gluten attack, which is not pleasant. Running on Monday was totally out of the question, so the fact that I could get out there and do some distance this morning is progress. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.

Another mishap involves my Garmin 310XT watch – the strap has broken. Which means I have to run holding my Garmin, which is a pain. I’ve been to some watch repairers here but no-one can help. I’ve emailed Garmin but so far….deafening silence.



One Response to “Turtle pace”

  1. Jog 26/03/2013 at 10:02 pm #

    I had the same problem with my 310XT – ie, broken strap – and total non responsiveness from both the retailer I bought it from and Garmin. Hence, I bought the 910 with the velcro strap option. I haven’t looked back since 🙂

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