The hot cross bun run

29 Mar

3.30pm session: easy run
Distance: 14km
Time: 1hr 19.50min
Weather: 19.7*c, wind – W, 9kph; sunny, blue skies

I’m way over running in the twilight zone, ie running early in the dark, so I’m trying to plan the bulk of my runs to happen in daylight hours. So it was a nice sleep in this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast, a spot of housecleaning and washing, and then a coffee at Max Brenner’s.

Hmm, sometime today I’m going to have to get on my running gear and out the door. Today’s motivation – run the 14km and then I can have a hot cross bun when I get home. So hence today’s run being known as the hot cross bun run! 🙂

It was an absolutely stunner of an afternoon to be out running 14km – brilliant blue skies, not a cloud to be seen, a gentle breeze, not too hot, just perfect. Lots of other people thought so too as I passed many out walking their dogs, the occasional other runner and some cyclists.

Back home, I thoroughly enjoyed that toasted hot cross bun 🙂


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