Blue skies & sunshine

30 Mar

7.09am session: long run
Distance: 25km (inc 5km parkrun)
Time: 2hr 27.46min (5km – 25.48min)
Pace: 5.54min/km
Cals: 1,468
Weather: (7am) – 3.5*c, wind – calm
(10am) – 12.9*c, wind – NNW, 6kph

Wow, it was a chilly start to the run this morning, requiring a spray jacket until I warmed up. I was grateful for the 7km warm up run before the parkrun because it was so painfully slow. However by the time the parkrun started, I had warmed up and had a much more comfortable run. Met up with Ruth before the start of parkrun and also chatted briefly to Gary.

I was pretty happy with my parkrun this morning. The plan was not to knock myself out but to run comfortably as I still had to get home. Last time I ran this course I did precisely that (ie knocked myself out and ran a PB) which made the trip home long and slow. So I paced myself well today and finished with plenty left in the legs to run another 13km home.

Ruth and I then ran part of Lake Ginninderra and the peninsular together before going our respective ways. It was nice to have company for 6km of the 13km run home. The rest of the run was uneventful and I felt fine. It was another beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine. I wonder how long this will last? Well, that’s our second last long run done before the big one, and next week’s long run really isn’t one – its only about 13km.

Met up with Ruth again a bit later for lunch at Kingston and Co. By then both of us were starving – my last meal was at 5am! It was crazy busy at the Mall – so many people obviously doing last minute Easter shopping. So it was nice to sit down, relax and enjoy a yummy meal and a great coffee. Mr B joined us a little later.


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