Mini milestone week

1 Jul

Its week 8 of the 12WBT program this week. This means we’re about 2/3 of the way through, once this week is over. It’s gone so quickly.

It’s also mini milestone week so this means updating measurements, re-doing the fitness test and completing the mini milestone activity on Saturday. The activity is a biathlon (rower & run) but I’m going to do a triathlon with a difference: it will involve xtrainer, bike and run. I’m hoping to increase the run distance to 5-6k, if my physio gives me the nod. I’ll find out tomorrow šŸ™‚

My other milestone activity is trying on a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to fit in for a couple of years. At week 4 I could do up the zip but there was still some progress to be made.

Back to this morning. Today I was doing my walk/run session. Last Friday I ran 3km with no stopping. Today the plan was to do my regular 6km course, walking the first and last kilometre and running 4km non-stop.

Dressed in running singlet and long sleeved top plus fleecy tights I headed out the door. Nope, still cold. Backtracked, and added arm warmers. Headed out again. Nope, still cold. Back indoors, on went headband and cap plus gloves. Headed out again. Third time lucky. I felt warm enough to continue!

I walked the first kilometre very briskly just to stay warm. Then I was running. For 4km. One foot in front of the other. For 4km. At a gentle running pace. For 4km. And then I had reached 5km and it was back to a walk for the last kilometre home.

I felt good. But I wasn’t going to push it. Time is not on my side. I can’t afford any back sliding now. NY marathon is November 3. I’m currently running 4km at a time. See my predicament?!



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