The human iceblock

27 Jul
This was the temperature part way through my walk

This was the temperature part way through my walk

I was the human iceblock this morning. From 5.50am to about 8.15am I was outdoors walking 15km in sub-zero temperatures. I just did not warm up, nor did it get warmer. By the time I finished I could just glimpse the faint rays of the sun through the clouds or fog or whatever it was. I have to admit there were times when I was so close to quitting or tempted to ring Mr CJ, although his reaction to coming and picking me up so early in the morning is probably what prevented me from doing that! On the return trip (it was an out and back walk) I was focused on the coffee and the mushroom omelette I was planning on having for breakfast. I am so food focused sometimes but whatever gets me to the finish line!

Anyhoo I walked 15km at a fairly constant pace for 2 hours and 21 minutes. Most disheartening was that I only burnt 578 calories. By the time I got back home every part of me was frozen and it took a while before my hands could function properly again. Which was a bit of an issue as I was starving and trying to prepare my breakfast!

Honestly its times like these that make me wish we lived in the tropics! 🙂

And now, later in the day, its starting to catch up with me. I’m feeling so tired. I find it staggering that I can run 15km and it doesn’t bother me yet walking 15km totally wears me out. Ok, I have gone shopping, done some housework, the washing, our tax, but still. I don’t think I’ll be long out of bed tonight.  🙂

Today's long walk

Today’s long walk


2 Responses to “The human iceblock”

  1. Steve 27/07/2013 at 8:44 pm #

    Walking just doesn’t raise the core body temp enough to warm you up. I found that in Qld at 24 & 48 hour events at night, 4 layers in 6 deg temps, still cold. As for calories used, pace causes increase in heart rate & therefore metabolic rate, as you would know. I bet you didn’t see too many others out there this morning, well done to do it so early in the cold temps.


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    […] it should be a lot warmer! I don’t think I could do another Saturday bone chiller again (see last Saturday’s […]

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