9 Oct

WordPress keeps crashing tonight. This is, hopefully, third time lucky.

My first entry was an eloquent piece on whether plodders have a place in a marathon? I had recently read a New York Times article addressing this question. Well you will have to take my word for it as the application crashed and I lost the lot.

Anyway I wasn’t sure whether to feel offended, amused, angry or a mix of all these emotions after reading this article.

Apparently walkers, and slow runners, are ruining the marathon’s mystique and disrespecting the distance.

“It’s a joke to run a marathon by walking every other mile or by finishing in six, seven, eight hours,” said Adrienne Wald, 54, the women’s cross-country coach at the College of New Rochelle, who ran her first marathon in 1984. “It used to be that running a marathon was worth something — there used to be a pride saying that you ran a marathon, but not anymore. Now it’s, ‘How low is the bar?’”

Arrogant? Elitist? Has a point?

“…more than half of the people at a marathon are just overweight and “trying to get a shirt and medal … looking to one day tell a story about the saga and the suffering of their 11 minute pace ‘race.’”

And this in the comments section: “The marathon has become a circus, no doubt about it. I have no problem with people plodding their way through a course in 6 or 7 hours. Of course, they shouldn’t be given the same medals and acknowledgment as someone who busted their buns for months in training and completed it in four hours.”

I’m sorry? I’ve not busted my buns in training for months? Those bruised toenails, the shin splints, the endless hours on weekends spent walking…if that’s not training then I don’t know what is. I have trained as hard for this event as I would’ve if I’d been running. Of course I’d rather be running but that’s not going to happen. And be damned if I’m going to travel all that way to watch on the sidelines. No siree. I will be out there plodding for 7 hours. And bloody well proud of it.

Today I spent 45 mins on my favourite machine, the xtrainer. It’s always hard backing up after legs day at the gym. And tomorrow is more leg work, along with arms and shoulders. Followed by the xtrainer again on Friday. And then a 27km walk on Saturday. Fun times 🙂



7 Responses to “Aaaargh!”

  1. Ewen 09/10/2013 at 8:57 pm #

    You tell her!

  2. Steve 09/10/2013 at 9:13 pm #

    I’m not buying into this, anyone out there for 6-7-8 hours is going to know darn well what it’s like. I say, let them all have a go and finish.

    • cathyn61 10/10/2013 at 8:21 pm #

      Exactly. There are some very elitist views out there.

      Sent from my iPad

  3. Kristen R. 10/10/2013 at 12:13 pm #

    You’ve earned a place out there — and I don’t care if you walk, run, waddle, skip, jog or sprint. A marathon is a marathon. It’s hard. It’s not pretty. It takes commitment and dedication. And you will crush it! Can’t wait to hear about you crossing the finish line.

    • cathyn61 10/10/2013 at 8:11 pm #

      Thank you Kristen. And you will hear all about it!

      Sent from my iPad

  4. getgoing-getrunning 11/10/2013 at 12:41 am #

    Adrienne Wald is, in my humble opinion, spouting elitist rubbish. There are marathons with qualifying times for people like that.
    If a particular marathon has no qualifying time, then anyone who can go the distance can enter. Who cares how long they take? Most people never go anywhere near travelling 42km by foot in one go. If a person had to walk to do it, so what? So long as they did their best then they deserve the finishers medal and the shirt.
    Rant over.

    • cathyn61 11/10/2013 at 5:31 am #

      Thank you! I absolutely agree with you. Mind you, before this injury, I probably wouldn’t have given it a lot of thought because I would’ve been running. But now I’m one of the plodders…temporarily.

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