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Going round and round…

30 Sep


Tonight was our first run session as part of the triathlon program. And it was being held at the AIS track – awesome. At the later time of 7pm – less awesome. I am a morning or lunchtime runner so lacing up my shoes and switching on my Garmin in the evening does not really do it for me. However, that’s when our run session was scheduled and so I duly showed up, running late again. Everyone was jogging their warm up laps on the track when I arrived. I had seen a group running outside the stadium and wasn’t sure if that was the novice group. I was trying to look for familiar faces, any familiar faces. However I was directed to another group inside the stadium…the ones that were heading out onto the track.

We ran a couple of warm up laps and my dodgy hammy was holding up ok. Hopefully I would get through the session. This was my first group run session since I tore the tendon, waaay back in May last year (16 months ago). So I was feeling just a tad nervous. Plus most of the group are are younger. A lot younger.

After the  warm up run Gary took us through several stretches before some drills. Everyone would take off like a lot of startled chickens and head for the other side of the grassy patch, leaving me in their wake. This was not looking good. However amazingly (I say amazingly because this goes against my very nature!) I refused to get sucked into keeping up with them, figuring there was still a 2km time trial to do.

And then there was the time trial. There we were, lined up on the track for a group start. My only thoughts were to run carefully, ignore everyone else and get through 2km without doing an injury. And we were off – some took off as if they were running a 100m sprint but most seemed to start conservatively given their efforts in the drills. I tucked in behind a couple of people and started off at a steady pace.

I did have a strategy of sorts – run steady for 3 laps and then, depending on how I feel, start picking up the pace slightly over the last 2 laps. I focused on all I had been taught at Clinic 88 regarding my posture, core and stride. I would focus on the person ahead and try to overtake them. And just run smoothly and comfortably and enjoy the balmy evening. It really was a lovely night weather-wise. The wind which had been gusting all day had dropped off, which was a good thing. I had had visions earlier in the day of having to battle strong head winds during the run.

And after 10mins it was over. I had completed my 2km time trial. 10.03min – can’t complain with that.

I missed the first bike session last Saturday as I was sick with some horrible vomiting virus. Getting on a bike just didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.

Next session on the program: an information session presented by a nutritionist/triathlete tomorrow night.


Here I go again…

22 Sep

Ever get a feeling of déjà vu? Of…what goes around, comes around; or here we go again….?

That’s how I felt tonight as I sat through the information session for the Bilbys novice triathlon program.

There was the “#%%* what am I doing here” feeling as well.

So I’ve gone back to basics and have registered for the novice program. I feel like a rank beginner anyway. I can’t run (well it’s not great), suck at swimming and doubly suck at cycling. So in my mind that makes me a rank beginner!

Tonight entailed a brief overview of what we should expect over the next 7 weeks, some thoughts and experiences from graduates of last year’s novice program and an introduction from each of the coaches. They emphasised the friendliness of the club and to not compare yourself to anyone else (something I am guilty of), and to focus on your own goals.

At the end of the session I saw a friendly face, someone I knew. Not that she is doing the program, her husband is one of the swim coaches. And then after collecting my Bilbys drink bottle and t-shirt I headed home, trying to quell the nerves that are starting to bubble up in my stomach.

Pour first training session is on Saturday afternoon: bike skills.