The day my bike bit me and other amazing stories

26 Oct

Its been an up and down week…mostly down. By Friday I was tired, lacking energy, and had too many things on my plate, and I’m not talking my dinner plate. And it’s not like I’m training every day. I had taken Thursday off from training because I was tired.

Anyway come Friday morning and I was off to the pool for another fun-filled Bilbys swim session. What did Jess have in store for us this morning?! There were drills and for once I didn’t totally suck at them, kicking sets – without fins!, speed sessions, and the mass start and swim the total distance of our first event (200m) without touching the ends of the pool. I had started the session with some vim and vigour but by the end I was dragging myself through the water and thoroughly drenching myself in the backstroke laps. And the disheartening thing about training with people who are at least 25 years younger, and possibly more, is that none of them looked even slightly puffed by the end of the session. Grrr!

For the past couple of weeks I had noticed lower back pain that was getting worse. By the time last weekend came around, after cycling I had had full intentions of doing a short run. Except by the time I got home and off my bike it was enough just to hobble to the carport with my bike. In short, there was going to be no running after cycling. Naturally I wondered how I was going to manage in a triathlon where I would have to run after cycling.

So at my next appointment with Brad at Clinic 88 I casually mentioned the lower back pain. This was when I discovered I had a stuck SIJ. Really? Go figure! A stuck SIJ…um, sorry, what exactly is a SIJ and how did it get stuck? Of course I should’ve realised a SIJ was the sacro iliac joint, doh! And it was stuck because the muscles in the area surrounding it had tightened due to an increase in hill running, which I had started doing in the last couple of weeks. And let me just clarify that when I am talking about hill running I am not referring to scaling Mt Ainslie, Black Mountain or Mt Tennant, but rather just your garden variety little hill. Anyway to cut a long story short Brad released my SIJ and now I have to do lots of glute stretches and sitting on a tennis ball. And my lower back is thanking me for this.

Now I have a confession to make – I have wussed out of the planned cycle sessions that are part of the Bilbys program. Why? Because cycling with other novices is too scary – it totally freaked me out. And I’ve never been comfortable with bunch riding. So I’ve skipped these sessions. Yes I know I should probably confront my fears but I’ll just continue cycling on my own or with a couple of people who I know

I was out cycling early Saturday morning (on my own) – gotta love it when it gets lighter earlier in the morning, and is a pleasant temperature. All was going well and I was near the end of my ride when I turned to look behind to check for cars when I crashed (yes, Ewen, a bike CJ!). Actually, to be more accurate, I tumbled ignominiously off my bike though I was still attached to the pedals therefore looking like some hapless turtle stuck on its back, in my case, with a bike on top of me. I managed to finally extricate myself from my bike and tried to get up before anyone drove past but it was not to be. Some kind lady stopped and for a few seconds there I was worried she wasn’t going to take my “I’m fine” as an answer and was going to gather the bike and me, and deliver us home, followed by a cup of tea. Bless! However I convinced her I was fine and made my own way home, on my bike. Admittedly I was feeling a wee bit sore – my left palm, left hip, the right calf and my pesky back. In fact I have these cuts on my right calf that indicate it was my bike that made them, but I’m not quite sure how. It looks like my bike bit me!  Well we do have a love/hate relationship.

My bike bit me_25 Oct 14

On the spur of the moment this morning I decided to do the monthly vets run rather than the Bilbys Sunday run. I hadn’t been to a vets run since about April last year. However it was that or another run around the base of Mt Ainslie – both were the same distance, 10km. And as I discovered, similar terrain – undulating. Which can mean anything from gentle rolling hills to long steep uphills. It depends who is doing the talking! It was also hot and exposed – not a lot of shade out on the course. My goal today was simple – no walking the hills. Goal accomplished. And the coffee afterwards at Wilbur’s – awesome. The company wasn’t bad either!


2 Responses to “The day my bike bit me and other amazing stories”

  1. Steve 27/10/2014 at 12:46 pm #

    The roller coaster of training for anything. It’s a long process if all goes right, let alone a few setbacks. Going well, but take care. Wonderful to see you on Sunday.

  2. Cecilia 28/10/2014 at 8:59 pm #

    At least you fell on the correct side, away from the traffic, and it looks like your right calf then pressed into the chainring! Good luck with the climbing, and stretch that glute!!!

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