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ACT Vets half marathon

19 Aug

The big question this morning was how would I go in the half marathon? After yesterday’s brick session (60km cycle & 4km run) in less than desirable weather would I have the energy to run 21.1km today? Hmmm, I was about to find out.

My warm up run before the event (which was really just to keep warm as it was freezing cold) seemed to indicate that I would run okay but I really wasn’t sure for how long. My longest long run for a while has been about 17km and has been run at a modest 5.20min/km pace. My goal today was to finish the event! In fact I was beginning to think that maybe I would’ve been better starting in the first group at 8am, for runners doing more than 2 hours.

I wore my long-sleeved top over my singlet for the first 10km because it was so cold. A lot of people took off at the start and I felt like I was ambling along at a very conservative pace but not to worry, I was doing a training run. At least that’s what I told myself! But as the kilometres ticked over I knew my pace was getting faster but I still felt strong. And slowly I was starting to overtake a few people who took off at the start. My long-sleeved top came off at the 11km mark and was tied around my waist…….and proceeded to drive me crazy for the remainder of the event. I really hate things around my waist!

Not once did I look at my Garmin during the run but ran according to how I felt. I kept expecting to hit the wall at some stage but it never happened. I felt strong right up until I crossed the finish line. I stopped my Garmin at 1hr 43.42min – really happy with that. It’s a couple of minutes slower than I would normally run it but then I don’t usually cycle 60km and run 4km the day before a half marathon either!

Tomorrow: the plan was to do a swim session in the morning and an intervals session on the treadmill after work. But you know what, I am scheduling in an unplanned but much appreciated rest day after a big weekend. Sometimes you just gotta go with what your body wants……and it wants a rest! 🙂

“You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt



Got my running legs on :)

15 Aug

There was no question that I wouldn’t run this morning, as per my training program. No, the question was whether I would run 10km or 8km, and in the end, I opted for the shorter run around the ‘burbs. Even better, I felt surprisingly good for most of the run. Surprising, because I did weights yesterday morning which focused on legs, and then an intervals session on the bike in the evening. I was sure that this morning’s run would be plodding affair but I was comfortable for most of the run, only tiring near the end. I do have a half marathon event this coming Sunday which should prove to be interesting given that on Saturday morning I will be cycling about 60km followed by a 4km run. Not exactly a taper! But the half marathon is only a training run for me so it’s no biggie and certainly nothing to stress about. Who knows, I may achieve my PW for this event and at this distance!

While I started this morning’s run in the dark, it was light by the time I finished, 46 minutes later. Spring is not too far away. 🙂

Tomorrow: the plan is to swim in the morning. This is different to what I normally do. Thursday morning is usually my second weights session for the week but as recognition that I do have a half marathon on Sunday, I’ve decided not to stress my muscles needlessly but instead do my Saturday swim session instead. Then I have another intervals session on the bike after work.

My friend DOMS

23 May

My friend DOMS has paid a visit. I knew I was going to be sore today, I just didn’t anticipate how much. I knew as soon as I moved this morning, after the alarm went off, that not only did I have muscles but each and every one of them was hurting. All those microscopic muscle tears were making their presence felt. However I had a run to do and not even DOMS was going to stop me so it was a case of get up, get dressed and start running.  Thankfully it is still very dark at 5.45am so as I hobbled off down the road there was no-one to witness the strange sight! However, the longer I moved the better I began to feel and so I eventually eased into a decent running pace and style. 8km later and I was feeling so much better.

However, that was short-lived as once I was at work and sitting at my desk, the soreness returned. Every time I got out of my chair to go to the printer, to see someone, or get a coffee, I was reminded of the fact. And tonight, the soreness has increased, if that’s at all possible. I’m not sure what’s worse – getting up out of a chair, or sitting down again! An epsom salts bath, nurofen plus a touch of deep heat, and hopefully I will feel a lot better tomorrow. Because……..its my next gym session for the week! It will be a case of here we go again! I think DOMS might hang around for a bit 🙂 

Half marathon

20 May

It was a perfect morning weather-wise for the half marathon. Chilly without being frosty and with no wind. There was also signs that the sun would make an appearance once the early morning cloud had disappeared. So not a lot to complain about really. After meeting up with Ruth and Mr B and standing in queue for the obligatory half-dozen visits to the toilet (ok I am exaggerating…slightly), it was time to strip off the many layers and stand in the starting area. However I did not part with my running jacket straightaway. I had made plans for Mr B to take the jacket once we had finished the small 4km loop before heading off around the lake. This would give me a chance to warm up.

I had a good run this morning – steady pace for most of the way, and taking advantage of the hills. My strength, such that it is, is hills so this is when I plan to pass as many people as possible, maintaining my pace once I crest the hill rather than slow down as a lot of people do. It worked for me today 🙂

My only goal, other than enjoy the run, was to run about the same as what I did in the Canberra half marathon (1hr 48.08min) last month, or at least not run a slower time. So to run 1hr 43.24min (according to my watch) was an added bonus to what was an enjoyable morning. Afterwards some of us went to Urban Pantry for a well-earned coffee and for at least one of us, pancakes (and it wasn’t me!).