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Down at the coast

28 Apr
The boardwalk

The boardwalk

A long weekend at the coast. Beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, great walks, even better food. Unfortunately it didn’t last – three days goes so quickly and before we knew it, we were making that return trip over Brown Mountain back to Canberra.

Had the best fish and chips on Friday night – the best! It was from Hungry’s Takeaway. They cater really well for those who are gluten intolerant. They have a separate frying vat and work area for gluten free fish and chips. My battered flathead was light and crisp and was not in the slightest bit oily or greasy. I believe my fish and chips were even better than the standard fish and chips that Mr N had. And I don’t think the fact that it must be at least 5 years since I’d had fish and chips affected my opinion at all. It was that good!

Saltwater Organics on the boardwalk in town serves delicious fresh, organic and vegetarian snacks and meals. I had a delicious gluten free carrot cake muffin Friday afternoon, after a long walk. And for breakfast on Saturday morning at the same place Mr N had poached eggs on sourdough toast, while I had breakfast trifle – gluten free granola, rhubarb and berry compote with organic natural yoghurt.

Poppy’s Cafe also catered really well in the gluten-free department. I had a gluten-free ham and cheese toastie there for lunch on Saturday, and then for breakfast this morning before we left, I had perfectly scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and a serve of gluten free toast. They even do a really nice cappuccino.

So the weekend away was great while it lasted. I managed to do lots of walking – the boardwalk, the Merimbula-Pambula cycle path, the Djirringanj People’s walk, along the beach, etc. I only took one set of running gear so needed to pick my time when I was going to run and it ended up being this morning, before we left.

6.55am: easy run on Merimbula-Pambula cycle path
Distance: 10.5km
Time: 59.52min
Pace: 5.41min/km
Cals: 608
Weather: 15.5*c, wind – NNW, 11kph; overcast but warm

The run starts off relatively flat but once past the airport there is a gradual and steady incline. I just kept thinking that at least the return trip would be easier! It was lovely running along the tree-shaded path listening to a multitude of bird sounds – there was so much bird life. There was also the occasional other runner plus cyclists. Finally I had arrived at Pambula and it was time to turn and head back to our accommodation. Yes, there was downhill but there was also more uphills than I had expected! There was a runner far off in the distance and I made it my goal to see how close I could get to them before Merimbula. I’m sure I would’ve caught them if they hadn’t turned before reaching Merimbula and was now making tracks back to Pambula! Still the challenge had made me lift my pace and so I continued at this pace for the remainder of the run back to our accommodation.

Pelican sculpture

Pelican sculpture


Happy days

28 Jan

dance love sing liveSome days I wish I could bottle the joy, excitement and the pure happiness of the day so that when things aren’t going so great I can release the stopper and relive those same emotions. Today was one of those days.

Mind you, I had no idea that that was how today was going to pan out, when I woke this morning. However, the fact that I could get out of bed and not have to shuffle hunched over to the bathroom should have been an indication of good things to come! My back was behaving itself, after yesterday’s run. Woot!

Later in the morning I went to Flight Centre to try to work out our planned holiday to the States in November. I had tried sorting out the flights myself yesterday but found it very confusing and it would have ended up being a lot more expensive. So now flights are locked in and paid for – to New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Excitement plus!

Met Ruth for coffee at our favourite coffee place and for a chit chat – two of our favourite past-times! 🙂

And then received a phone call when I got home to find out that I am now a great aunt. My gorgeous niece Jess had a baby girl this morning. She was due next week so only a week early. Everything went to plan and both Jess and Lily are doing well. So now to do my great aunt duty and go and buy lots of baby gifts – I get the fun part! 🙂

Finally I went for a 14km run. I had been putting this off for as long as possible but eventually it was crunch time – suck it up and get out there. And surprisingly it was a really good run. Given that yesterday’s 6km was pretty bloody awful, having a good run was a bonus and just what I needed. It was very humid when I started the run and then the rain started in the last few kilometers – not that I minded, it was refreshing.

So it was a great day today. I wish all days could be like this but then again, if they were, then we probably wouldn’t appreciate these special days as much as we do, when they happen. 🙂

“What day is it?” It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. My favorite day,” said Pooh.” ― A.A. Milne


Christmas Day

25 Dec

25 Dec 2012_a few of my favourite thingsAfter a much-needed and appreciated sleep in this morning, and much humming and haaaing while enjoying a coffee before getting out of bed, I decided to do my Christmas day 10km intervals run before breakfast. The reason for the humming and haaaing was that I was starving and then factoring in a 10km run, it was going to be close to 11am before I had breakfast. In the end I decided the wait would be worth it because I was sure that later in the day I really wouldn’t feel like doing the session…..and I was right!

Intervals are always hard and this morning was no exception – 3 x 1km (2 min RI); 3 x 400 (1 min RI); 3 x 200m (1 min RI); 4 x 100m (30s RI). It always looks so much simpler written down than actually doing it! I was the only one outside doing anything – funny that! I really appreciated the berry bircher muesli I had once I had finished – so healthy and delicious and it really does prove that healthy food needn’t be boring, bland and not tasty.

There were the phone calls to family back home in WA and to son #3 in Melbourne to wish them a merry Christmas. Its a shame that son #3 couldn’t be with us today but I am going down to Melbourne next week to spend a week with him. Sons #1 and #2 came for lunch – cold ham and chicken, homemade potato salad, coleslaw and a roasted vegetable and feta salad. Dessert was ice cream Christmas pudding topped with chocolate ganache and a fresh berry salad (blueberries, cherries, fresh currants, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries). Champagne for moi and beers for the boys, and then later coffee from my brand spanking new Nespresso coffee machine.

I also received a pair of snazzy red Oakley sports sunnies (red makes you go faster!), Lululemon running shorts, Lorna Jane running shorts (seems to be a theme happening!), LJ sweat bands, Rebel Sports gift card, Sapphires DVD, a glass angel fish ornament (to add to my collection) and various other bits and bobs.

Now I feel stuffed, satisfied and sleepy but I’m planning on finishing the night by watching Bad Santa.

So, Merry Christmas to all and to all……

…a good night!”


24 Oct

24 October 2012 – Busselton foreshore, April 2010

One suitcase, one large Nike sports bag, one backpack, a cooler bag, wet suit bag and one bike…….I think I’ve packed everything. Well the bike isn’t packed – it’s still sitting on the wind trainer. Note to self – don’t forget bike tomorrow!

A batch of banana muffins made, tomorrow’s lunch prepared, snacks for the trip – all ready to be packed.

The car GPS (Garmin Nuvi) maps updated and charged. I have finally figured out where I was going wrong when trying to update (previously unsuccessfully) the maps. Tonight I figured it out! Yay for me!

Chargers for the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Garmin watch – packed.

Checklist for son #2 who is staying at our house while we are away to babysit the cat – done. Food to feed him for 12 days – bought.

Have I forgotten anything? I have been through my checklist several times. As long as I don’t forget one of my bags I’m right!

I’ve rung and double checked our accommodation booking – I’m not taking any chances!

All of this busyness actually serves another purpose – keeps my mind off the upcoming event!

I very nearly slept in this morning. Mr N has already started his holidays but I had another day of work to get through, plus one last training session. When the alarm went off this morning I had forgotten that Mr N did not have to get up for work. Twenty minutes later I realised that no, there was no coffee on my bedside table, in fact no-one else was up, except the cat who was becoming increasingly irate that no-one was up feeding her, given the alarm had gone off earlier.

I had a good session in the pool this morning. Amazing how focused you get in your training, the closer the event gets! Knowing this was my last swim session here before we leave tomorrow definitely ensured that I put all my effort into the ‘hard’ sections of the session.

Tomorrow we leave on our road trip and big adventure!.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

A pain in the…….

23 Jul

It was not a great start to the week – a dental appointment for root canal treatment and a crown. This involved 2½ hours at the dentist this morning, a lot of the time in the chair, mouth open and having things injected, drilled, poked, prodded and scanned. And try drinking coffee or attempting to eat when you can’t feel half your face. Which is still a whole lot better than when the local anaesthetic wears off and you’re left with the dull, persistent thumping and general achiness in the gum and jaw for the rest of the day. Oh I love dentists – not! The bonus was that I did get a free coffee at Coffee Guru while waiting for the crown to be fitted – even if it meant sipping it with a straw! 🙂

I did manage an 8.5km run before the dentist visit however, around the local streets under the cover of darkness. I am noticing that it is getting lighter a little earlier in the mornings, though we still have a long way to go. It was not a cold and frosty morning either so it was actually quite pleasant. There did seem to be a lot more people out and about, in their cars – I was forever having to jump up on the verges as cars came heading down the road.

Packing has begun for my Melbourne sojourn which starts tomorrow when my flight leaves at 5pm. Woo hoo! This week however is still a work week for me so not only will I be attending a three-day conference , but I will also be doing additional work once the conference finishes each day. Next week, however, I am officially on leave so bring on the shopping, eating and simply sensational coffee! In the meantime I am trying to pack lightly but it’s just not working………

Today I tried Barambah Organics vanilla bean with a hint of cinnamon yoghurt – wow, this is delicious yoghurt. Its natural, organic and according to the blurb on the label, is a true ‘paddock to plate’ company. The milk is sourced from their certified organic dairy farm in south-east Qld – in fact all the ingredients in this yoghurt are certified organic. Not only that, I recognise every ingredient on the label, there is not a chemical substance or number to be seen. This family owned company has also won many awards for their dairy products, including their yoghurt; the most recent being the Delicious magazine award. Their All Natural Yoghurt was awarded best product in the Dairy primary producers category for the year. Comments included “luscious, perfectly balanced yoghurt”. And I would agree with that. 


11 May

My last day in WA. I had a 4.30pm flight in Perth to catch today so there was plenty to do before then. Mr B joined us on our morning trail run today. It was a short run of 5km and at least there were no rain today. Then it was a case of showering, having breakfast, last minute packing and cleaning before leaving our apartment. We stopped in town for a last coffee at Urban Bean then it was off to Gabriel’s Chocolates, on the way to Yallingup. Apparently Gabriel’s Chocolates is a new boutique chocolatier which opened around Christmas last year. The woman at Stella Bella winery spoke highly of this place yesterday so we were determined to visit before leaving the area!

Oh my goodness, You could smell the chocolate as soon as you entered the building – the thick velvety rich smell of quality chocolate. And oh look, more samples! We most definitely had to sample the different chocolates. This step was very important in the purchasing process ;). Then it was time for me to leave – I had a plane to catch. Ruth and Mr B could take their time over the hot chocolate and cookie (Ruth) and choc coated icecream (Mr B) they had purchased but I had to hit the road. So after our goodbyes, I grabbed my takeaway hot chocolate (well I wasn’t going to miss out!) I left – destination: Perth airport.

The trip to Perth was uneventful and the traffic wasn’t bad. I headed up the South Western Highway from Bunbury, passing through towns such as Brunswick Junction, Harvey, Waroona, Pinjarra and Serpentine. Then I was on the outskirts of Perth (Armadale) traveling down Albany Highway before turning on to Tonkin Freeway which would take me to the airport. I made it to the airport about 75 mins before my flight was due to leave.

So now I’m sitting on the plane heading to Canberra. We’ve just had dinner and a movie is playing (Haywire). Estimated time of arrival is 10.30pm. I’ve had a great week away but it will be good to be home, in my own bed again. One thing I’ve come to realise is that its not the location, weather, food, etc that makes a wonderful holiday but the great friends you share it with. And I couldn’t ask for better friends than Ruth and Mr B 🙂