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Right here, right now

5 Aug

This song by Fatboy Slim brings back memories of Ironman 2004 at Forster/Tuncurry. They were playing this while I was waiting very nervously for the swim start and was wondering what the day would bring. Well 13 hours and 2mins later I would finish as an Ironman, but I didn’t know that at the start of the day! And why am I bringing it up now?

Because today I sat on my bike on the windtrainer for 2 hours of solid cycling and all sorts of things go through your mind when you’re madly pedalling but not going anywhere! The 2 hours was a mixture of short hill and long hill repeats, 20 sec sprints and steady state cycling and it was hard and sweaty work. Also with about 30mins¬†to go I was starting to have issues with my bike seat. There was lots of strategic manoeuvring on that seat trying to find a comfortable position.

Later I met Ruth and Mr B for coffee at Kingston & Co, our new favourite coffee place. It was so good to see these guys again and we spent about an hour and a half catching up on all the goss. One of the gifts they brought back was this beautiful little owl – isn’t she gorgeous! I love owls, along with frogs, dragonflies and butterflies.

So a great day has almost come to an end. Back to work tomorrow ūüė¶

Tomorrow the plan is: swimming in the morning and running intervals at the gym after work.

“Fear is probably the thing that limits performance more than anything – the fear of not doing well, of what people will say. You’ve got to acknowledge those fears, then release them.” – Mark Allen, won 6 Ironman championships







Sunday cycling

15 Jul

Still feeling blah but did attempt cycling this morning. It was a breezy cold morning as I set out to Barton Highway via William Slim Drive. Its been well over 8 years since I’ve cycled this route – back then it was a regular weekend training ride when I was Ironman training. Mind you, nothing has changed. It almost felt like only a week ago that I’d cycled along these familiar roads….except….hang on…there were no traffic lights at the intersection with Kuringa Drive back then. So some things had changed over the years. I’d also forgotten about that little hill heading out past Gold Creek too!

But the problem this morning was I had no oomph, or get up and go Рit had got up and long gone. So I cut my ride short. Instead of a 90 minute ride, it ended up being an hour.

Afterwards, we headed back out¬†to¬†Hall for brunch at the Gumnut Cafe, just for something different. Its been years since we’d ventured into the village of Hall but not much has changed!¬†Otherwise¬†a quiet day at home, feeling very much under the weather. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a whole lot better.

“No matter our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” – Dr Dale Turner

Saturday sleep in & other stuff

23 Jun

A sleep in – its¬†something¬†I look forward to all week. The one morning when I don’t have to use an alarm, I can get up in my own time, make breakfast and have coffee while reading the newspaper, all whi9le still in my pj’s.

However, it doesn’t mean that there is no training. Oh no, that gets pushed to the end of the day. Today it was a leisurely 8km in sunny but chilly conditions this afternoon. I did get a few looks from the walkers who were rugged up in thick¬†woolly¬†jumpers and jackets and I was wearing shorts and a singlet! Fortunately I warm up relatively quickly when running….except for my feet. The rest of me can be quite warm, but my feet will be¬†ice blocks¬†or have no feeling…..which makes¬†running¬†rather interesting.

Then a little later I went to the pool for a 1.2km swim session. There were still quite a few people there and there were about 4 in my lane. We seemed to sort ourselves out after the first couple of laps and kept out of each others way after that. Just the way I like it! It was a really good swim РI felt strong and could grab the water today which really helped with speed. I seem to have good or mediocre swim sessions Рtoday it was a good one. Win!

I also had a long overdue¬†massage¬†this morning, which was bliss. And my massage therapist noticed that I am more balanced in the body which is probably due to the cross-training as opposed to just running, which was what I was¬†doing¬†when I last saw her. She also noticed that my quads are feeling stronger which has probably something to do with the cycling. So all’s good.

And even better, my yurbuds arrived today! These earphones have been developed by a marathoner and triathlete and have patented ear-lock technology and are designed to fit your ear. So this means that they should stay put and not fall out while I’m running – a problem I have with my other ones. I tested them this afternoon on my run and they were great. They were really comfortable and you don’t even notice them. And not once did I have to fiddle with them to make sure they stayed put.

I watched the Port Macquarie Ironman on TV this afternoon. I was interested in seeing what the course looks like given that I will be doing the half ironman there at the end of October. Its still a bit too far away to start getting nervous about. But I will need to train for hills on the bike – there seems to be a few of them and one not too far out of transition.

Tomorrow – I will be cycling to Mt Ainslie in the morning for the monthly vets run (my 100th!) and then cycling home afterwards.