Weighing up my options

21 May

Week #2, day #2.

That must mean its weights day in the gym. I’m feeling the effects of yesterday’s 50 push ups and the swim-with-pull-buoy session and now I’m going to add to it with an upper body weights session. I have this vision of morphing into the Incredible Hulk in the upper body with puny legs!

Discovered, when I got to the gym, that I was wearing the heart rate monitor strap for the wrong watch. Fail! I found myself automatically heading to the cross trainer for my warm up before stopping myself. Uh huh, no can do. So it was a 5 min gentle walk on the treadmill followed by 5 min on the upper body ergometer aka the arm crank machine. This is a very deceptive machine. It looks easy. You stand and pedal with your arms, end of story. Resistance can be varied. I thought the treadmill was boring – this machine tops that. Five minutes on this machine feels like an eternity and its hard work. Yes, I admit, I turned the resistance down…and down…and down. Five minutes is my limit – both in endurance and boredom tolerance level.

Much as I wanted to use the leg press, or do squats and lunges I stayed well away from this part of the gym. Instead what followed was a circuit of lat pulldown, cable rows, chest press, shoulder press, barbell curls and tricep dips. And another 25 pushups – in public this time. It didn’t help my technique any but I was conscious of not face planting, as my arms were feeling very jelly-like by now. (another 25 push ups done after work). Only 200 push ups to go!

It will be interesting to see whether I can even move my upper body tomorrow, let alone swim! 🙂



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